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Manchester Terrier 12/06/2020

Latest news from Bournemouth Champ is that the August show is postponed and it will be rescheduled, hopefully for early October. Blackpool looking to go ahead, late September and SKC still planned for November, so fingers crossed.

Interesting to read that Wood Green Animal shelter had well over 1,000 new enquiries for dogs in 1 week recently. It would appear the desire to own a dog has still not dropped off from the public, I guess with the restrictions that were in place during lockdown, that less litters than usual will have been planned, so puppies of any breed will be at a premium. I continually get asked how much puppies are, my usual response to this question is that any KC registered puppy, that has been reared by a reputable breeder and has all the required / expected health tests in place will be around £1000. This does vary amongst the breeds, with some commanding much higher prices, however there are not many nowadays priced below that figure. Doodles, etc now in excess of 4 figures!

Another question I am frequently asked is how do Manchesters (& Bedlingtons) get on with other dogs and cats, another standard answer from me on this one, in that at the end of the day they are a terrier, so can be firery, unpredictable at times, however in general, if introduced to others at an early age, there is no reason to believe that they will not tolerate or be friends with each other.

It is always sad when we lose our cherished little friends and recently two Champions have made the trip to rainbpw bridge, Milo, Ch Digelsa Dionysis owned by Jane Holtaire and we also lost our Wilma, Ch Digelsa Diva avec Janmark JW Shcm. Fly free and enjoy those open spaces …

Another update from the KC in regards to Judging, they go into detail with the A2 process and A3 grandfather rights procedure going forward and other key points, look on the KC website for full info. One other key point to note for aspiring judges on this and other breeds is that the Stud band numbers have been lowered, so the requirement for ‘A’ Band breeds, which includes the Manchester Terrier is now 40 dogs.

Looking through Championship Show results from 24 years ago…..

National Dog Show, 1996, judge Mr Bill Brown Cole. From an entry of 35.

Best Dog : 8655 Mr G NEWTON Tailored To Suit
Res Best Dog : 8662 Mr A R & Mrs K ROBERTS Harkeats Gunner General
Best Bitch : 8657 Mr & Mrs N H & Mr W H NORRIS Brookstream Babycham
Res Best Bitch : 8668 Ms C A WICKER Ch Harkeats Going For Gold at Mimbre
Best Puppy : 8641 Mr I D & Mrs B J BEALES Brenandi Lady of Glenartney
BEST OF BREED : 8655 Mr G NEWTON Tailored To Suit

Richmond Champ. 1996. Judge Mrs J Beales. From an entry of 39.

Dog CC : 9989 Mr A R & Mrs K ROBERTS Harkeats Gunner General
Res Dog CC : 9962 Mrs M CLOWES Ch Churnet Capstan
Bitch CC : 9966 Mr & Mrs B J EVANS Twisel Uttanutta
Res Bitch CC : 9994 Ms C A WICKER Ch Harkeats Going For Gold at Mimbre
Best Puppy : 9975 Mr J J & Mrs M JONES Megellan Kalia
BEST OF BREED : 9989 Mr A R & Mrs K ROBERTS Harkeats Gunner General

Just a Manchester…

This week the answers are supplied by Carol Dunford (Quixol)

When did you first become involved in Manchesters? I bought my first Manchester in 1991 a bitch from Brian Moorhouse, Twisel Favour Returned, after 2 years of watching different breeds at shows and asking questions to re-start my hobby of showing/breeding.

Why Manchesters? They filled my criteria for a family dog that would enjoy long walks, short coated and elegant with spirit to guard the house.

Do you currently own any Manchesters, and if so how many? I have retired from showing/breeding now, but my 2 Manchesters still come out mostly for Veteran classes at the Club shows.

Do you have any other dogs? Yes I have a King Charles Spaniel dog who is 5 yrs, who thinks he is a Manchester and guards the house with his gang.

If you breed what do you consider the most important factors when considering a potential litter?  When I bred I always tried to choose a stud dog that had points that I hoped would improve my bitches, and had form in the showring.

Who would you consider as your mentor in the early days? Mainly Brian Moorhouse and Nigel and Lesley Norris, but then I found that other members were always helpful if you asked

When did you start showing and was your first breed Manchesters? No it was 1968? I had Pekingese and bred 3 litters, but I had to let 3 go and kept one when my first marriage failed.  I then had 2 King Charles Spaniel bitches but never bred or showed them, but was a member of the Club and followed the show scene.

When did you accept your first judging appointment? It was in 1997 judging Manchesters for the Anglican Terrier Club Open show.

How many times have you awarded CC’s ? I have awarded CC`s 4 times now.

Do you judge other breeds? Yes I enjoy judging the Terriers and the Toys at Open shows and their respective Groups.

Who are your favourite Manchesters from the past that (1) you owned yourself and (2) that belonged to another person? My favourite Manchesters must include the first  Twisel Favour Returned – Maggie – who bred 2 champions and CC winners, and was a joy to live with.  Her daughter Ch Quixol Bryony – Rio – bred some lovely pups for me the Palmers and Claire Akrigg who joined me in the kennel name.  Rio was spot on 15 inches to the shoulder and had quality and bone.  My oldies NL Ch, Ch Quixol Alexander - Bertie and NL Ch, Ch Paucelin Armana By Quixol - Polly have really done me proud, but I have loved all my girls champions all, Bertie being the only male I ever kept.

This is a tough one there have been so many lovely dogs over the years, but the Norris`s champion Brookstream dogs and bitches have always impressed me, Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks JW ShSM will always be my favoutite.

If you exhibit your Manchesters how many shows do you exhibit at per year – or do you show selectively under judges because you value their opinion?  I do not exhibit much now but I used to do most of the championship shows.  I would always give a judge one more entry with the same dog after a disappointing show, and then if they still did not impress me with their placings that was it I would not give them any more entries.

What are your greatest achievements in the show ring? Firstly going BOB at Crufts with two different bitches, Twisel Favour Returned and Ch Quixol Blue Velvet, and BIS at the Club`s championship show. Bertie and Polly both becoming Netherlands champions, and at their Manchester Club`s championship shows - first year Bertie went BIS, and Polly went Res bitch and the following year Polly went BIS, and Bertie was Res dog.  My favourite win was Bertie`s dog CC and BOB at the Welsh KC in 2013 under Martin Phillips, there were 12 entered in Open with 11 on the day, 7 champions present and the others with CC`s.  Those days seem to have gone and many exhibitors now will not have seen 12 entries in Open, never mind 7 champion dogs in one class.

What are your greatest achievements outside of dogs? When Christopher was young we had a cob and he had ponies, and despite having no experience at all of pony show classes I taught myself by watching who won and practicing at home, until locally we won every best tack and turn out, and won and were placed in Hunter Pony, I could plait a pony mane and tail to perfection, probably why my hands are now quite arthritic!

If you could offer advice to anyone showing or breeding Manchesters what would it be? Is your bitch suitable for breeding from – is she fit and healthy with a good temperament and is a decent example of the breed? Have a word with her breeder for help and information, read as much as you can, are you aware of the time and effort it takes to look after her and the pups for at least 8 weeks, no going out on holidays when she has whelped. Consider when choosing a stud dog, does he have a good temperament, does he have good points that your bitch is weak on, or does he have the same faults she has? if he does then think very carefully – did his sire and dam have the same problems, if so discount him.  Do not choose a dog just because he is only a few miles down the road.  When your pups are ready for off be so very careful whom you sell them to, I have had all the awful would be owners ring me over the years, be prepared to have them lie, and make sure they visit your bitch and pups so you can decide if they are suitable before you promise them a pup.  Carol Dunford

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