Manchester Terrier Association

Manchester Terrier 22/05/2020

A positive move for most people in the previous week where some of the Corona restrictions were eased a little, allowing us to exercise our dogs at the seaside and in the country, with short trips allowed. In fact, been encouraged to do so …

It would appear now that all but a couple of KC Championship shows have been cancelled prior to year end, lets hope that 2021 will fare a little better and we might have light at this long tunnel we find ourselves in. I for one cannot wait and I am already looking forward to the ‘New’ season ahead. It will be interesting, hopefully we will not leave many people by the wayside who have decided not to come back to this hobby, the ring could have many puppies, making their first outings, who are now showing in higher classes and have never had a puppy career.

As we are aware all gatherings have had to be cancelled, I know many will be upset that the BMTC Fun day also hit the bullet, I understand that as compensation that some fun and games are to be organised on the clubs facebook page, ‘A virtual Summer of Fun’ it is titled, watch this space.

Also the planned gatherings of dog walkers around the country has had to come to a stop, how are your dog companions reacting to not meeting their mates? Our dogs are finding it strange that we are around all the time and usual varying life style and timings have become a little more rigid. Did not realise there were so many dogs in our area, I am seeing people on walks that I have never bumped in to before.

I have seen many conversations ongoing about breeding of puppies and sale of puppies to new owners, including collection / delivery. I know that Our Dogs are to run an article on how the ‘greeders’ are profiteering from unsuspecting buyers, by varying means, including overpricing and scams. I raised this with Our Dogs, when I was contacted by people who had the price of their puppy, that they had given a deposit for and agreed a price on , prior to collection advised the cost had gone up by £1000 ! Positive to see that breeders with puppies who were wondering if / how they could be collected or delivered have now been given clear guidance by DEFRA and the KC, advising it is OK as long as the standard COVID distancing procedures are followed and a risk assessment completed prior.

Just a word of warning, I have received over 300 enquiries for puppies over the last 3 months, everyone wants a dog, so be doubly careful where they are going, I know that is pretty usual in this breed ( a dogs is for life, not just for Lockdown!)

For anyone interested in taking up judging, or who are already on the judging ladder, a visit should be made to the Kennel Club website. Plenty of information on the ‘Judges Competency Framework’ pages, you will also find listed details there of breed appreciation days, mentoring, FAQ’s and a list of Breed Education Co-ordinators, for those not already aware, the Manchester Terriers responsible person is Mrs Gillian Knight, who can be contacted on with any questions.

At the present time, the BMTC are organising a Breed Appreciation Day in November, guess this is subject to Government restrictions been lifted, again, any news on this & I will update here.

 Over the next few weeks, we will look at parts of the standard, as a refresher to all…

Standard Corner:

Ears: Small and V-shaped, carried well above top line of the head and hanging close to head above eyes.

Which dog from the past, did you admire and why? Let me know.

That’s about it for this week, please ensure if you have any news, dates for the diary, topics of interest, drop me a line