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Manchester Terrier 03/10/2020

This past week saw the tragic death of a friend and one of the UK’s popular and much loved exhibitor & judge. This brings a stark reminder to us all, that what we are going through has turned out to be totally unprecedented times. Our hobby has been totally wiped out and it goes without saying that we are all missing each other and what we considered a normal way of life. As time goes on it is harder to be upbeat and positive but it is the only way we are going to get through it. It looks like these times are here to stay for a while yet. Lets be positive for all and look for the glint at the end of this long tunnel …

The top terrier open show, West Midland Terrier, that always draws a good entry of Manchesters, also had to bite the bullet. It has to be noted that overseas shows have commenced in some countries, also in the UK, there was a breed show held at the weekend and I note there are others planned, for outside venues in the coming weeks. A guess a lot of hoops  to jump through and uncertainty to go through prior.

I have really missed having the Kennel Club website and associated pages available at my fingertips. MYKC pages were a big loss, as were the find a judge pages. The new look website however came back online, with it, it would be fair to say quite a few teething issues, hopefully these will be sorted in the near future.

Not so many fellow Manchester terrier owners in the North East, so get togethers for myself prove difficult, as involves travelling, which is not a good idea in these times. But it is enjoyable to make the most of the days that are still decent to get the dogs out running in the fields. We still have plenty of stubble fields around, that haven’t yet been ploughed and resown and luckily plenty of grass fields, that are not habituated by cows. Recently a guy was trampled to death by a herd of cows, after venturing into the field with his dog. Please take care, they can turn anytime, especially if they have young.

The weekend gone would have seen Driffield champ show, held at Wetherby racecourse. Quite local for myself, so I usually make the trip to show and steward. No CCs for Manchesters, but they usually get a decent turn out from the Northeners. Last year Oxleys, Digelsa Double Top, went on to win the puppy group at this show. Most people remember the BIS, as no lighting was provided and it was completed in utter darkness. A switch of dates with SKC will now see Driffield been held in August, so hopefully the hot summer month will assist, as it always seems to get a poor run weather wise. Looking back 10 years ago at Driffield, there were no classes for the breed. Brought a smile to my face though as I did a RCC double their with 2 young bedlington’s. 

Anal Glands, sometimes prove an issue in Manchester’s. All dogs have these two small glands (sometimes referred to as anal sacs) near the anal opening. These glands which are typically the size of a small grape normally release a few drops of scent marking fluid whenever your Manchester defecates (observed near the end of defecation). Healthy anal glands empty naturally when a dog poos, but if this doesn’t happen, they can over fill and block. Blocked anal glands are irritating and painful, but often quick and simple to treat. Left without treatment, blocked glands can lead to more serious problems. Any dog can develop blocked anal glands but it’s more common in overweight dogs (weak muscles around the bottom), dogs born with narrow anal gland openings (makes emptying difficult), and dogs that have ongoing diarrhoea/soft stools (anal glands rely on firm, bulky stools to push past and empty them). Prevention can include, change of dog food, adding extra fibre to their diet (bran flakes), regular checks on their anal glands (veterinary nurse), however is this is a persistent issue, you will become an expert in this area. Keep your dog healthy and monitor the weight, overweight dogs generally have weaker muscles. Anal glands on dogs do not need to be emptied routinely, unless there is a recurring problem. It is a simple procedure to empty the anal glands, however before attempting, I would suggest guidance is sought from your vet.


Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

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