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Manchester Terrier 08/11/2020

Obviously very quiet on the show front, however lots of 'Changes & tweaks' happening at the KC. With my KC Breed Liaison Delegate (Terrier Group) hat on, I raised at the KCBL Committee meeting last week (via Microsoft Teams) the concern that dogs health test results would not now be shown on the dogs registration certificate, instead, they will only be displayed on the KC website. From this a questionnaire will now be issued to the club secretaries seeking their thoughts. So, if you have concerns, voice them back to your breed clubs.

We were also made aware that the KC were now making progress in ensuring that everyones dogs were now getting allocated to the correct places, a slow task, but progress.

A Friend asked me recently why Manchester terriers are not used more by the working lads, either as a pedigree dog or crossed in as part of a breeding programme. My view on this and others may differ to agree is that a Manchester is to highly strung, noisey and will not easily take instruction. Further to this, once on a scent, are very difficult to call off and I suggested, would not easily work in a pack of other terriers, could be quarrelsome. One of the biggest deciding factors however would be the depth of chest, no where near spannable, so not a lot of use for going to ground, working dogs need to be a utility dog and work above and below ground. Jacket also, looks smart, but too short for work and the taught skin would soon be ripped.

Here is a snippet, I loaned from a working terrier group on the internet….” Most show terriers are to working terriers what white lab rats are to wild rats; they may bear a passing resemblance, but they are entirely different animals in every way that counts. In truth, many terrier breeds never hunted much of anything other than an occasional rat or rabbit. Though nearly every Kennel Club breed, from Silky terrier to Glen of Imaal, claims they once hunted fox and badger, there is very little evidence to support most of these claims. Most terrier breeds, as we know them today, are synthetic creations cobbled together by show-ring enthusiasts beginning in the middle-to-late part of the 19th Century. Breeds were assembled from bits and pieces of genuine working dogs mixed with a dash of turn-spit dog, lap dog, dachshund, and spaniel. Features were exaggerated, coats lengthened and softened, colours selected, and nose colour and "expression" given points. Slathered on top of all these new show-ring standards were invented histories and unfounded assertions that inconsequential attributes were of importance in the field. Almost all of it was (and is) nonsense. As Harriet Ritvo notes in The Animal Estate: The English and Other Creatures in the Victorian Age, from the 1850s and into the 20th Century, dog show folks "elevated standards that had no basis in nature or aesthetics but reflected the ignorant, self-interested caprices of fanciers who wished to boost the prestige of their own stock in order to associate themselves with people of good breeding." I will leave thoughts with you.

Bonfire night (which now goes on for over 2 weeks) was a nightmare for lots of dogs. My bedlingtons don’t have an issue with them , the whippet was quite chilled and the Manchester’s were very noisey (they are always vocal at the slightest noise) but were not stressed with them. So on a whole we are quite lucky, others aren’t and I read reports of dogs running away and been killed and very many stressed dogs. Surely as a country we should be now making these fireworks illegal, except for organised displays.

Interesting to see the lady seeking interest in producing some Manchester Terrier socks on facebook, she received great feedback and now going into production. Appear to be great value for money at 3 pairs for a tenner.

Looking back to 1996, some 24 years ago, no CC’s at Windsor but a decent entry of 23, for the judge Mrs J M Hoade.

Best Dog : Mrs B L BANTING Indicott Valentino
Res Best Dog : Miss J HOBBS Sophyla Seventh Son of Texanger
Best Bitch : Mrs S F & Miss M J CLIFTON Keyline October Glory
Res Best Bitch : Mrs L C BRANDER Eaglespur Meadow Blossom
Best Puppy : Mr & Mrs G S & Ms E KIRSOPP Gemale Christmas Cracker
BEST OF BREED : 9696 Mrs S F & Miss M J CLIFTON Keyline October Glory

In the same year at Birmingham National judge Mr Bill Browne Cole had an entry of 37 to go over, again with no CC’s on offer.

Best Dog : Mr G NEWTON Tailored To Suit
Res Best Dog : Mr A R & Mrs K ROBERTS Harkeats Gunner General
Best Bitch : Mr & Mrs N H & Mr W H NORRIS Brookstream Babycham
Res Best Bitch : Ms C A WICKER Ch Harkeats Going For Gold at Mimbre
Best Puppy : Mr I D & Mrs B J BEALES Brenandi Lady of Glenartney
BEST OF BREED : 8655 Mr G NEWTON Tailored To Suit

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

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