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Manchester Terrier 19/02/2021

It was good to have a communication from the BMTC in regards to the clubs AGM date, which will be tied in with the Fun weekend, which also falls on Crufts weekend. Hopefully the minutes for the previous AGM will be issued shortly. It was also pleasing to read that the BMTC Champ show was planned to go ahead on 9th October at Shenstone.

Unusually a Manchester type terrier was available for adoption from a rescue centre, poor little thing appeared to have had a rough life prior. Hope it finds a loving home.

Nick Gourley was organising an online auction that included some Manchester Terrier Memorabilia (in aid of ETT club), which included “Pair of Antique Manchester Terrier / Black & Tan Terrier Postcards”.

Hopefully we have now seen the worst of the wet and cold wintery weather and we can start looking forward to a dry spring and warm summer. The manchesters certainly do generate some muck and dirt, our garden (err mud patch) definitely needs to loving care an attention to bring it back to life after a very difficult period, it is boggy, bare and riddled with 12” holes, I wonder where they came from.

By the time these notes come out our PM will have no doubt made a announcement to the nation, here is hoping there may be a little light at the end of this long tunnel. Things are certainly going in the right direction, let us hope this continues and the roll out of the vaccination proves further effective.

People often ask what are the best Ways to Stop Your Manchester From Barking, when left at home on their own, here are some suggestions.

Exercise. Exercise your dog before you leave. A tired dog is more likely to relax.

Find the right space. Try leaving your dog in different areas. Some dogs are more relaxed outside, others inside, and some prefer smaller areas such as a washroom.

Food and Water: Always leave water down and make sure that your dog is warm and fed before you leave.

Leave the Radio On. Consider leaving music on for your dog or the TV – these distractions can help.  If nothing else, it will keep them from hearing every noise in the neighborhood – the garbage truck, car doors slamming, neighbor’s voices.

Herbal remedies. There are some herbal products for dogs which can help relax them.

Hire a dog walker. A break in the middle of the day can certainly help. This doesn’t have to be a paid professional – it can be the kid next door, a retired gentlemen in your neighborhood. Ask around – you may be surprised at how many volunteers you get!

Leave calmly. Say goodbye five minutes before leaving to help your dog stay relaxed as you go.

Don’t get another dog to solve the problem. A popular idea is that getting another dog is going to stop the problem. This is something to stay well away from. Remember, the source of your dog’s issue is not boredom. Many dogs who bark all day when their owners leave are the same dogs who lie around the house doing nothing most of the weekend when their owners are at home!

Let us take the time to look back 13 years to 2008 and here is the judges critiques from National Terrier. Judge Stacey Rae Oxley.


MPD (2) 1 Morris’ Calastoa Amber Nectar, beautiful young dog who caught my eye straight away, good strong markings, nice dark, rich tan, fantastic head, eye & ear carriage, very well put together, good outline,
well schooled, moved very well for a puppy. BP; 2 Woods’ Westwytch Zodiac Zoom, good head, dark sparkling eyes. Ears need to settle but I’m sure this will come with maturity. Two nice puppies. PD (2) 1 Ellison’s Chip O Der Old Block, nice dog, slightly lacking on ear carriage but hopefully will settle down. Pleasing neck & topline, moved quite confidently with good drive, dark rich tan with good markings; 2 Harber’s Tetani Spirit Of Fire, just seemed a little overawed with the noisy echoing hall. OK for overall conformation, good length of neck, nice rise over the loin. Front needs to tighten, backend driving very well. LD (3) 1 Robinson’s Churnet Chadwick, first judged this dog two years ago & at that time had a feeling he would continue to do well. Right on very top limit for size, good strong head, dark almond shaped eyes, excellent ear carriage, clear markings, well angulated, slightly roached over loin, good topline. Would just benefit from more depth of chest. Moved very well. CC & BOB; 2 Norris’ Brookstream Marcus Banks, very nice dog who pushed 1 all the way to the wire. Very well balanced, pleasing head, strong neck correctly arched, good shoulders, well angulated which showed up in his movement, reaching out with good drive. RCC; 3 Green’s Newtonian Slim Shady.OD (2,1) 1 Wicker’s Mimbre Mister Solo, sound honest dog who fits the Standard very well. Would have preferred to have seen a more almond shaped eye & slightly higher set ears. Good wedge shaped head, good neck, shoulders & topline, straight front, nice well angulated at rear, moved well. MPB (5,1) 1 Norris’ Brookstream Brooklyn, very appealing young bitch, compact & elegant, good strong head, good ear carriage & dark almond eye, lovely reach of neck, correct shoulders & topline with slight roach over loin, balanced angulations, moved well; 2 Brown’s Tyburn Lara, nice puppy, good head proportion with nice ear carriage when used. Chest needs to drop which will make her look less ‘leggy’ as she matures. Nice compact body, movement good. Slightly raw but has all the potentials; 3 Bunyan’s Calastoa Ruby Doll. PB (2,1) 1 Hemsell’s Tetani Spirit Of The Wind, appealed for type, size & fitting the Standard, correct head although ears just a little erratic, I’m sure they will settle down. Rich deep tan with good markings, neck, body & topline, well proportioned, moved very well with good tail carriage. JB (1) 1 Palmer’s Egloshayle Lady Mauser, in excellent condition, really good dark, rich tan, very feminine head with dark sparkling almond eyes, very good for Standard size, nice & compact body outline & good angulations at rear, moved very well, holding her tail correctly on the move. NB (3) 1 Woods’ Westwytch Chic Cinnabar, good head qualities with good ears, strong body, quite well made in shoulder & quarters, good tuck up & arch over loin, lovely tailset; 2 T Spirit Of The Wind; 3 Dale’s Real Espana at Rattustrap. PGB (3,1) 1 Hemsell’s Tetani Spirit Vision, good head with wicked eye, although ears could have been used a bit more. Nice length of neck, good outline & tuck up, well angulated at rear. A shame she paced on the move; 2 Forshaw’s Gloryline Lady Jane Grey, good head, nice ear carriage, well up to size with strong body. Moved OK but spoiled by very high tail carriage. LB (5) Very nice class to judge. 1 Broxup’s Gloryline Elizabeth Of York at Brockenella, very nice bitch, compact & balanced yet up to size, nice head, eye & good use of ears, nice deep chest, good body outline, good tuck up & rear angulations which complemented her movement; 2 Morris’ Brookstream Flower Fairy at Calastoa, very close up to 1 so was splitting hairs, good for overall type & conformation, good outline & well angulated, moved well with good drive when moved a bit quicker; 3 Purvis’ Churnet Chantilly. OB (4) 1 Palmer’s Egloshayle Black Samphire, very beautiful feminine bitch in all ways, fantastic head with dark sparkling eyes, ears used well, long tapering neck onto good shoulders, nice depth of chest, good body outline, good rear angulations, moved very well. CC; 2 Knight’s Talanors Trick N Treat, very nice bitch, good size, presenting typical outline from good head & ears, nice deep chest, correct neck & topline, good tuck up, moved very well, a close decision. RCC; 3 Hemsell’s Tetani Princess Of Darkness.

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

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