Manchester Terrier Association

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An introduction to the Chairman, Mark Walshaw (Janmark Terriers)
  • Owned, showed & bred working terriers. 1970’s – 80’s. With the first KC breed shown, Lakeland Terriers in 1980’s.

  • Currently own Manchester terriers, Bedlington Terriers and a whippet.

  • Made up Champions in Bedlington & Manchester Terriers. Many awards won including Top Breeder (Bedlington Terriers) – 2011 & 2013. Over 100 CC’s/RCC’s won.

  • Passed to award CC’s in 15 terrier breeds and the Terrier Group at Championship show level.

  • In addition to the MTA, I am a committee member of the National Bedlington Terrier Club, Northern Counties Sporting Terrier & Darlington Championship Dog Show. Covering various roles from Vice chairman to Show Manger and safety representative.

  • Member of the National Terrier Club.

  • Member of the Kennel Club.

  • KC Breed Liaison Representative –Manchester Terrier & Bedlington Terrier.

  • KC Breed Liaison Delegate – Terrier Group

  • Breed Education Coordinator – Bedlington Terrier.

  • One of the few Kennel Club Assured Breeders (for Manchester & Bedlington Terriers)

  • Steward of the Year 2019

  • Involved with the dog show fraternity every weekend, in some format or another.

  • Occupation – QSSHE Manager - Qualified Quality, Safety, Security, Health & Environmental Manager, for an Intermodal logistics company, transporting hazardous products around the world. 01287 652860 07780 950843


An introduction to the Secretary Mandy Davies
  • Exhibitor, breeder, steward, judge, experienced dog club secretary and treasurer.
  • Exhibits and Breeds – Manchester Terriers (Since 1989). Weimaraner’s (2018)
  • Steward – Steward at Championship & Open Shows. 
  • Judge – A1 list for Manchester Terriers.  Have awarded tickets in Manchester Terriers twice with future appointment in 2023.  Judged the European MT Happening in Germany in  2007.  Have attended the judges sub-committee meeting for the BMTC.
  • Was on the BMTC committee for many years.
  • Was their championship show trophy steward for many years and then took on the trophy steward role at the club open and championship shows.  
  • Organised the merchandise at the BMTC for 5+ years and set up and facilitated the Breed Stand at Crufts for 5+ years.
  • Undertook the BMTC yearbook for 7 years, the BMTC highlights magazine for 4 years.
  • Taken part on the discover dogs breed booth at Crufts since its first year at the NEC and completed this role until it became too much for my older Manchester to attend.  
  • An experienced and proven secretary, has been the Secretary at West Midland Terrier Society for 8 years.  That accounts for 16 open shows, with two of those shows being subject to field officer visits resulting in both being rated as excellent.  Prior to being Secretary undertook the role of Treasurer for 9 years with a total time of 20 years on the committee.  Confident with KC Rules and Regulations, show management, preparation, post show reports and sponsorship requirements.
  • Was a committee member at Midland Lakeland Terrier Club for 5 years and have been approached by many clubs to support them in club management.
  • Instrumental in facilitating the first breed seminar and assessment day in conjunction with West Midland Terrier Society, and a further two Manchester Terrier seminars and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Seminar.    
  • An active member of Leamington Dog Training Club (Ringcraft) and support members in handling and showing dogs.  Kennel Club Assured Breeder.  
  • Outside of the dog show environment, holds a post graduate certificate in education and works within a governance role in the NHS, confident in report and policy writing and understand risk assessment processes.


An introduction to the Treasurer Gareth Brown

  • Gareth is a relatively newcomer to the world of dog showing, however he owns and shows both Manchester Terriers, Weimararners and Smooth Collies.  
  • He is joint owner with the Wystry affix, and a member of the KC Assured Breeders Scheme.  partnership with Wystry. 
  • He is an active committee member of Leamington Dog Training club and has been approached to give support to other local Open Show Societies.
  • Kennel CLub Assured breeder  
  • He has experience of both committee and treasurer roles as part of his golf society.  He is open, accommodating and communicates well with people on all levels.  Has excellent IT skills to bring to the association.
  • At work he has a proven track record in operational management, project support and a responsibility for a multimillion pound budget at work.

Membership Secretary

An introduction to the Membership Secretary Gill Knight
  • I have had dogs all my life, been involved with showing dogs for around 40 years and Manchester Terriers for 30 years, starting the affix ‘Talanors’ in 1992. We have shown a successful team of champion dogs, having had the privilege to win BOB at Crufts, the World Dog Show in Sweden and many annual awards. I find it very fulfilling to see other owners doing well in the show ring with their Talanors Dog.
  • We have undertaken publicity days such as Discover Dogs and vulnerable breeds since it’s inception, being the DD coordinator for around 20 years. Manchesters won the competition for best stand twice at Crufts. I also served as a committee member of the BMTC for around 15 years prior to my resignation in January 2020. I am the Breed Education Coordinator for the breed and have been a committee member of the Manchester Terrier Association since May 2020. I judge most breeds in the terrier group and award Challenge Certificates in Manchester Terriers.
  • In my world outside of dogs I have worked for the Local Authority almost all my working life, firstly in administration and then around 18 years as a Principal Social Worker in Children’s Social Care. I have also had the privilege to care for many foster children over a 17year period. I retired from work in 2018. Dogs are a big part of my life but I also enjoy reading, learning, travelling worldwide and caravanning.

Breed Health

  • Post currently vacant 

Committee Members

Clive Knight

  • I first became involved with dogs in 1999 when I met my wife, Gill. I have enjoyed over 20 years of owning, breeding and showing dogs, achieving much success in the breed with English and International champions. We have won annual awards of Top Breeder, Top Brood Bitch and Top Stud Dog several times. I steward at Championship Shows and judge, awarding Challenge Certificates in Manchester Terriers. I have always supported Gill with her activities with the BMTC committee and am now a committee member of the Manchester Terrier Association.
  • Prior to my retirement at the end of 2019, I held a professional post with a local company as Materials and Purchasing Manager. I also served around 20 years with the Army Cadet force, achieving the rank of Captain and Commanding Officer before retiring. My interests now include reading, walking, touring, holidays, dogs and am enjoying my retirement.

Mick Oxley
  • Digelsa Manchester Terriers
  • I have been associated with dogs all of my life.   I had my first show dog in 1979, he was a Dobermann, never a Champion, but he was a natural show dog and my inspiration and I got “the bug”.
  • I started my apprenticeship judging at match nights back in 1979 and progressed slowly to sanction and limit shows and eventually open shows. I have been judging all Terrier breeds since 1989.
  • I awarded my first set of CC’s in Manchester’s at LKA in 1990.
  • I have judged the Breed Club Championship show twice,  judged at Crufts twice and also judged Manchester’s in Holland, Norway and Poland. 
  • I have bred 19 Manchester Terrier champions to date and bred and campaigned three breed record holders the current bitch CC record holder Ch Digelsa Double Entendre with 30 CC’s and current male Ch Digelsa Dictator with 39 CC’s who has also made history by being the only Manchester to have been placed in a group at Crufts. 
  • I was on the BMTC committee for 29 years, Vice chairman for 5 years and chairman for 7 years.
  • I have presented the breed Seminar for Manchester Terriers for many years and the latest presentation being for the Kennel Club Academy.

Kevin Carter (sadly Kev has passed away 19th March 2021)

  • Kevin’s first dog was a saluki in 1975.  He has also shown Whippets, Munsterlanders, Cocker Spaniels and a Manchester Terrier, which he is currently breed record holder.  
  • He has made up champions in Salukis and Manchester’s.  
  • Has been a committee member of various clubs, Northern Saluki, South Yorkshire Hound, Border Counties Hound, Dukeries and Bolsover.  He first awarded CC’s in 1995 in Salukis.  He judges terrier and hounds and has awarded Best in Show at open shows many times.

Janet Forshaw
  • Janet became interested in dogs and showing in the early 1980’s when she acquired her first breed, the Dobermann.  
  • They had their first Manchester Terrier in the early 1990’s.  Along with her husband Peter they have shown and bred dogs for over 40 years.  
  • She has experience of serving as a committee member and judges both her breeds at CC level.

Gill Oxley

  • Married to Mick and was brought up throughout childhood with Welsh Corgies. I have been involved with Manchester’s for over 20 years now. 
  • My main role is usually more in the back ground, loving, spoiling and training the dogs. I have been known to show occasionally and love the social side of dogs and meeting up with like minded Manchester Terrier enthusiasts. 
  • I am now retired and can devote even more time to our lovely breed.

Anyone of Manchester terrier liked mind set and would like for assist in the future growth of the MTA please feel free to contact us at