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JEP Judge Reqs and Eligibility Feb 2020 (1).pdf
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Judges' Education Programme (Breed Shows)
  • Minimum of five years proven interest in pedigree dogs.
  • Attend a requirements of a dog show judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination)
  • Attend a conformation and movement seminar.
  • Complete a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments

The Manchester Terrier Association our first Members Limit Show 

The Manchester Terrier Association is pleased to announce that we have secured a date and venue for our first Members Limit Show and the KC have provisionally agreed our chosen date.

Save the date in your diary *28th December 2021* venue will be at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. More details to follow.

We will be making this a fun, Christmas themed event and will be looking forward to greeting you all with a Christmas Welcome.

Even if you don't plan to show you will be made very welcome and we will have beginners classes so you can have a go and join in the celebrations.

2021 MTA Judging Lists

The MTA is taking advantage of this lull in shows and judging to formulate our judging lists. We would like to achieve a detailed list of who meets the criteria for which list and what elements each person needs to support their progression to the next level, under the JEP system. This will help the MTA to have an accurate and comprehensive list, supporting both judges and societies that are looking to appoint judges. 

We are inviting both current and prospective judges to apply to be considered for the new Manchester Terrier Association judging list.  Please click on the link to our standard application form for you to review and complete. (see below)

If this could be returned to, Gill Knight -The Breed Education Coordinator at the address below or email to 

Whilst we would appreciate an updated application form to support the JEP system, if you are already on a Manchester Terrier judging list and prefer not to progress through the JEP please advise and we will add your details to our MTA list.

As the Breed Education Coordinator for Manchester Terriers, Gill Knight will also share your application with the British Manchester Terrier Club for their consideration, unless you advise her otherwise.

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