Manchester Terrier Association

MTA Limit Show Dec 2021

I was delighted to be invited to judge at the inaugural limited members show of the newly KC accredited MTA. A great venue in the Kennel club building,  hosted by the .Ashbourne and District Canine Association. Encouraging to see some new handlers having a go at showing for the first time. Although some of the young and inexperienced dogs were unsure in the ring with the noise and distractions, all showed sound temperaments which is so important for the breed. 

Puppy Dog 

1st Harrison’s Greenjack Norris Cole  

Balanced in build all round. Liked his length of neck and overall shape. Dark oval eyes with kind expression and well set ears. Coat glossy and a good harsh texture, Well defined markings, correct angulation and very good muscle for age. Flowing movement and well handled, but tail carried too high. BP 


2nd  Joyce’s Wystry Oscar’s Knight  

Really liked the build of this puppy. Correct size and proportions, good angulation all round. Super wedge-shaped head with the desired dark, sparkling oval eyes, and keen expression. Good arch to neck and rise over loin. Tail well set but carried high.   Rich tan markings, more heavily marked, but should clear as he matures. First show for dog and handler so unsettled on the move in a noisy hall, improved in later classes. RBP 


Junior Dog 

1st Joyce’s Wystry Oscar’s Knight  


Limit Dog 

1st Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce JW  

Ideal size and proportions, plenty of bone and substance.  Good angulation front and rear.  Rich Tan markings with well defined thumbprints and pencilling. Deep chest for heart and lung room, good length of neck, correct spring of ribs, ideal rise of loins and tuck up. Super wedge shaped head with a oval eye, keen and sporty expression. Strong jaw. shown in excellent, hard condition. He moved purposefully around the ring, balanced and totally at ease. Good tail carriage. Well handled and for me stood out throughout the show, so was pleased to award him Best In Show.  

Veteran (Dog/Bitch)  


1st Knight’s Talanors Special Treat 

13 years old compact bitch, good ear set, keen and alert. With age her tan has faded to silver but still clear thumbprints, coat in good condition. Well muscled, moving straight and very elegantly around the ring.  


2nd O’Boyle’s Paucelin Furet at Ruffagga  

7 years. Good proportions, like his bend of stifle and arch of neck. Deep chest and good coat. Well defined markings all round. Unfortunately handler was not able to move him with enough speed to show him to the best of his ability.  


Junior Bitch  


1st Baseley’s  Plantocracy Mystique  

Compact and good proportions and presented with coat in good condition. Smaller thumbprints. Dark eyes, was anxious as first time in ring, reflected in ear carriage, tight lipped. Good tail carriage.  


Post graduate Bitch 

1st  Walker’s  Sizlin Hey Good Lookin’  

Petite bitch with good proportions and strong hindquarters. Wedge shaped, feminine head with dark oval eyes, ears well paced. Very heavily marked and would have preferred clearer definition on forelegs. Correct topline, balanced and elegant movement, well schooled and handled. 


2nd Plant’s  Ruffagga Ritzy Rizzo at Plantocracy  


Good build, size and proportions, like texture of coat, rich tan, well defined thumbprints, carried tail correctly.  Ears well placed,but erractic as nervous on the table. Tight lipped, kind large oval eyes. Less confident on the move than 1.   


3rd O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Hermione at Ruffagga  


4th Watkin’s Ruffaga Bewitching Girl 


Limit Bitch 


1 Forshaw’s Jandor Moonlight Melody  

Ideal size, clean angulation, well placed shoulders, crest and rise of loin.  Has a feminine head with appealing expression, but also super alert and keen. Well defined markings, eyes dark and sparkling, great coat and body condition. Moved calmly with confidence, balanced all round, and very elegant.  BOS, RBIS 


2 O’Boyle’s Plantocracy Hermione at Ruffagga 


Feminine build in proportion with good rear angulation and has substance. Wedge shaped head with dark eyes. Coat in excellent conditions. Rich mahogany tan and well marked.  Kind expression. Moved well when handled at right speed, with a good tail carriage.  


3 Gouldsborough’s Talanors Typically Magic  


Open Bitch  

1st Walshaw’s Janmark Jaunty 


A quality young bitch of typical type. Excellent forequarters, shown in hard condition.  Liked  texture of coat.  Keen and sporty expression with dark oval eyes, ears correctly positioned, powerful jaw. Strong hind quarters, moved with drive keeping level topline and good tail carriage.  



2nd Barlow’s Nightfury Bold Venture JW ShCM  

7 years old. Well built with balanced proportions and good shoulder angulation.  with nice head and very well placed ears. Good spring to ribs,  strong hindquarters and well muscled.  Another with super texture and condition of coat, tan beginning to fade as she ages.  



Special Beginners Dog/Bitch  

1st Joyce’s Wystry Oscar’s Knight 


2nd  Watkin’s Ruffagga Bewitching Girl 

Compact with a petite feminine  head, ear carriage good.  Kind dark eye and keen expression. Good length to neck, and rise over loin. Tail well set and carried. Her markings are well defined, rich tan. Today was carrying too much weight which spoilt the overall shape and outline on the move.  

Mrs Vicki Sharpe (Rosettia)