Manchester Terrier Association


Since the introduction of the Judges Competency Framework (JCP) the project was put on hold in May 2019, followed by the Independent Review Panel’s work from August to December 2019. In January 2020 agreement was made to make changes to the original form, firstly the change of name to JEP. There will not be a requirement to be licensed to judge and there are no fees incurred currently.

Information for potential judges whether this is a person new to judging or an experienced judge. The program will still consist of the Level 1 to Level 4 format by which potential judges will develop towards awarding Challenge Certificates (CC’s) in a breed. There are changes in what is required at each level. The criteria for mentors and observers has increased slightly. Click link to see what is required at each level of development.

Whatever stage of your development, you can seek advice from the Breed Education Coordinator (BEC) as to what classes you can judge and what work is required moving towards awarding CC’s. The grid above is quite self-explanatory but the breed club encourage people to seek the necessary knowledge and development to help them move on with their judging careers. 

Significant points are:-

At level 2 you must attend a Breed Appreciation Day and pass a Multi Choice Exam (MCE) for the breed before moving onto seeking 3 Mentoring sessions followed by an observation. 

For observation purposes the entry should be meaningful and for Manchester terrier stud band A, this number is 5 dogs. In order to progress to level three judges must have judged the required number of dogs for stud band A which is currently 20 dogs.

It is the responsibility of the potential judge to register their interest with the BEC, who will link them with a mentor. 

There is a short form to be filled in by the mentor and the mentee at the sesdion. The mentee should update their own records then send the form to the BEC for their official records.

Following a successful observation of your judging, you will be listed to attend a Breed Specific Assessment, arranged by the Kennel club. Passing the assessment and meeting all other criteria will allow you to move on the Level 4 and award challenge certificates.

Gillian Knight

Breed Education Coordinator.