Manchester Terrier Association

MTA Limit Show Dec 2022

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I would like to thank the Manchester Terrier Association for inviting me to judge their Limit Show on the 28th December and for making me feel so welcome. Special thanks to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their dogs. Thank you also to my Steward Sarah Stephenson. The rosettes were lovely and it was nice to see goodie bags being given out to exhibitors. 

Class 1 - Special Beginners D/B (2) 1st Bunning’s Ysabelkid Dusty Fog. A very well presented dog by this young handler. Nice eye shape and keen expression, correct dentition, wedge shaped head. Good depth of chest, forelegs straight and in proportion to length of body. Good coat colour and markings. Moved well. RBD 2nd Joyce’s Wystry Oscar’s Knight - Another dog of good proportions, correct bite, wedge shaped head, good depth of chest, forelegs straight and moved well. 

Class 2 - Puppy Dog (2) 1st Swart’s Plantocracy Dapper Dexter - 9 month old puppy. Correct dentition, nice eye shape and keen expression, correct ear set. Coat texture good. Forelegs straight, good depth of chest, colour markings good and overall a nice and well presented puppy. BP. 2nd Davies and Brown’s Wystry Dempsey’s Tipple - This puppy took my eye immediately he came into the ring but on this occasion he just would not settle on the table so unfortunately, I couldn’t assess him. Colour and markings were excellent, good straight forelegs and all in proportion to the rest of the body. Good depth of chest, body short with slight rise over the loin. 

Class 3 - Junior Dog (1) 1st Davies and Brown’s Wystry Dempsey’s Tipple 

Class 4 - PGD (2) 1st Bunning’s Ysabelkid Dusty Fog 2nd Joyce’s Wystry Oscar’s Knight 

Class 5 - LD (1:1) 

Class 6 - OD (1) 1st Plant’s Plantocracy Bold Bruce, A very well presented dog of good proportions, correct dentition, almond-shaped eyes with keen expression, correct ear set. Shoulders clean and strong supported by straight forelegs all in proportionate to his body. Good coat texture, slight rise over the loin, with strong muscular hindquarters, good tailset, moved with purpose and drive. Correct colouration. Very pleased to award him BD and Best of Breed. 

Class 7 - Veteran D/B (1) 1st Knight’s Talanors Special Made Treat, 11 years old and still in good condition. Lovely feminine head with a keen eye, body of correct proportions, good coat texture, moved well. Best Veteran 

Class 8 - PB (1:1) 

Class 9 - JB (2:1) 1st Walshaw’s Kentwone Lyra at Janmark - This young bitch demands attention, very feminine, correct dentition, keen eye, wedge shape head, correct ear set. Nice straight forelegs on strong well arched toes. Excellent colouration, good texture of coat, well bodied with strong muscular quarters, she moved around the ring with so much confidence and ready to do a good days work. So expertly handled. I was pleased to award her Best Bitch, Reserve best of Breed and BOS. 

Class 10 - PGB (2:1) 1st Walker’s Sizzling Hey Good Lookin - There was a lot to like about this bitch who had good ring presence. Correct dentition, wedge shaped head, nice keen eye, correct ear set. Sadly out of coat today but from what I could see her markings were good. Nice straight forelegs set on well arched toes. Good body proportions, strong muscular quarters and she moved around the ring very well. Reserve Best Bitch. 

Class 11 - LB (1:1) Class 12 (1) 1st Walshaw’s Kentwone Lyra at Janmark 

Margaret Hooley December 2022