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Manchester Terrier 11/12/2020

I am afraid with the deadlines getting tighter for the Christmas editions and news becoming rarer, then these notes will be inevitably shorter.

I will try to fill out with some interesting items, to keep you slightly amused, if not, you can always pop onto the facebook pages, plenty of people on there with fascinating stories.


As breeders, you'll be well aware of the problems that lie ahead, trying to keep an eye on curious pups as they start to grow up and explore the world. Winter can often prove particularly challenging, with fewer opportunities to go outdoors.

With more time cooped up at home, dog owners should make sure their house is a safe environment for quizzical puppies to play, checking there are no small objects lying around. Puppies are the perfect age to begin training, teaching them to 'leave' or 'put down' what they shouldn't have in their mouths.

Here's the top three claims (to insurers Petplan) and some handy advice you can pass on to new puppy owners about common winter ailments, including useful tips on how to prevent them.


Puppies are lively, curious creatures that can sometimes overstretch themselves. If a puppy develops a sudden limp, the likelihood is that they have experienced their first sprain or strain, suggest that the new owner contact their vet straight away in case any treatment or pain relief is needed. There are some ailments, such as hip dysplasia, common among certain breeds that can cause lasting problems for a young dog. To help prevent lameness in puppies, try to discuss the recommended amount of exercise for the breed, so that they don't over exercise the puppy.

Vomiting & Diarrhoea

There are lots of reasons a puppy might develop sickness and diarrhoea. For starters, they are curious by nature, exploring the world with their mouths and eating things they probably shouldn't. If a puppy is vomiting and/or has diarrhoea, advise new owners to contact a vet for advice. It's likely that symptoms will go away after a day, but if symptoms are severe, or there are other signs that the dog is unwell such as a painful tummy, blood in the stool, or if the animal is quiet and lethargic, recommend they give their vet a call. The best way to stop puppies eating what they shouldn't is by removing the temptation and 'puppy-proofing' the home as soon as the puppy arrives home

Foreign body in the gastrointestinal tract

With their inclination to explore, puppies sometimes ingest foreign bodies. Doing so can cause serious problems, including blockages and, in some cases, tears in the gut. It's important that if new owners suspect their puppy has swallowed an object they call their vet immediately. The easiest and most efficient way to prevent a dog from eating something it shouldn't is by puppy-proofing your home, removing objects that could be swallowed, and thus saving new owners a lot of potential hassle, and worry.


Heres a Christmas Dog Quiz (answers next week)

How many Christmas movies you remember and let’s see how many of the dogs in the movies you remember!

1 ) Which Christmas movie had a dog named Puppy Paws, son of Santa Paws, who goes on an adventure and learns the true meaning of Christmas?

2 ) What is the name of the Hallmark Christmas movie where a foster dog helps bring a family closer together?

3 ) In which Christmas movie did the neighbour’s dogs eat the holiday turkey, forcing the family to eat their holiday meal at a Chinese restaurant?

4 ) In which Christmas movie was the pet dog coerced into pulling a sled full of presents stolen from a small town?

5 ) In which Christmas comedy movie was there a Rottweiler aptly named Snot?

6 ) In which Christmas movie did the family dog decorate his dog house and fall into the commercialized Christmas trap?

7 ) In which Christmas movie did a well-known lovable scruffy mutt help Kris Kringle find the true meaning of Christmas?

8 ) In which Christmas movie did this big Saint Bernard rescue an elf and a magic toy bag?


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