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Manchester Terrier 11/07/2020

As I write these notes Bournemouth Champ show is open for entries and the secretary advises that dogs are been entered at a good rate. A risk Assessment has been produced and no doubt will be updated as things progress and more Government advice is given. Blackpool entries open on 10th August.

Lots of ringcraft classes (outdoors) now opening back up, open shows been organised and other dog related events taking place. So hopefully some normality coming back, lets all still remain sensible though !

The next meeting of the Kennel Club Breeds Liaison Council will be held on Wednesday 4 November 2020, subject to Government guidance on Covid-19 at the time. Proposals for inclusion on the agenda should reach the Breeds Liaison Council Secretary by August 6, so need to be with the representative by 4th August latest.
Each eligible society or an individual may submit items for the agenda, through a council representative (Mark Walshaw). Proposals must be concise and, if an amendment or an additional regulation is proposed, the regulation number must be given. All submissions must be signed by the society/individual and the representative. Feel free to forward any agenda items to myself, via email.

The Breeds Liaison Council is made up of representatives for every breed and has 30 Group Delegates who attend each meeting. Representatives are elected for a three year term to act as a channel of communication between Breed clubs, competitors, and the Kennel Club. The Council was set up to represent grass-roots opinion within the sport at the Kennel Club, and to promote a better understanding among competitors of how the Kennel Club functions. It meets twice per year, and representatives hold meetings prior to each council meeting to provide a platform for proposals and discussion items to be raised. The meetings also provide feedback from the Kennel Club on recent developments and decisions.

The Council reviews the Show Regulations and advises the Kennel Club on any changes that may be needed, and is actively involved in strategic planning to enable Showing to continue and flourish. Council proposals can result in fundamental changes in Kennel Club policy and the Kennel Club values the important work the Councils do.

Council members are always interested in hearing the views and ideas of competitors, and will be seen competing at, judging at or managing many shows during the year. 

I represent both Manchester & Bedlington terriers and I am also a Terrier Group Delegate, so you know where to fire your questions.

All the photograph competitions are really hotting up now on facebook, there are some excellent entries in all comps, with many deserving top honours, these have really sparked an interest. Results at going to press were available for the MTA fun competition, with the secret judge been Ella Eva, who must have had such a difficult job going through all the photographs. She found a wonderful bitch as her Best in Show and Best Veteran. As I write this results are trickling through for the Show section, judged by Kirstii Kahrs. I have just seen the puppy classes, those were wonderful. Two great judges, who obviously had a fantastic entry. The calendar competitions continue to run on both the MTA & BMTC facebook pages, so don’t be shy and get your photos in.

The Canadian Manchester Terrier Club shared Health Info with the MTA, interesting read, this can be found on the MTA website, in the health section.

Delia Hemsell – Tetani. Delia and her late husband Terry were stalwarts of the breed for many years they promoted the breed and supported all the local open, limit and sanction shows in their area with a team of dogs which helped to keep the Manchester classes on.

This week, we ask Delia, to answer the questions, Just a Manchester…

When did you first become involved in Manchesters?  - 1989

Why Manchesters?  - Terry’s friend who he worked with had one and they fell in love with the breed.  

Do you currently own any Manchesters, and if so how many?  -  Two

Do you have any other dogs?  -  No

If you breed what do you consider the most important factors when considering a potential litter? 

One of the most important factors is the home where the puppies will be going.

Choosing the correct stud dog to complement the bitch.

Who would you consider as your mentor in the early days? -  Muriel Paulger, Ian Beals and Zena Wallace (Staffies)

When did you start showing and was your first breed Manchesters? 1990, with Scarlac Black Tanith With Tetani (Schaza)    

When did you accept your first judging appointment?  -  1999

How many times have you awarded CC’s  -  Do not award Cc’s.

Do you judge other breeds? – Yes have judged Havanese and all breeds at at companion shows.

Who are your favourite Manchesters from the past that (1) you owned yourself and (2) that belonged to another person?  1) Tetani Princess of Darkness (Indi) But love them all the same in their own way.    2)  Ch Digelsa Double Entendre                 

 exhibit your Manchesters how many shows do you exhibit at per year – or do you show selectively under judges because you value their opinion?  -  Have cut back now, but in the past we would enter under any judge at any of the local shows. Mainly to support the breed

What are your greatest achievements in the show ring? – Achieving a Junior warrant with Merlin - Tetani Wizzard of Dreams and winning a Res CC with Yani – Tetani Spirit of the Wind.

What are your greatest achievements outside of dogs. – To be a qualified Florist with Interflora and to have had a book of poems published.

If you could offer advice to anyone showing or breeding Manchesters what would it be?

Think twice , because once you have one you will want more. And remember the little baby you brought into this world and it’s first breath, make sure you are with them at the end of their life too.

Standard Corner : Temperament ; Discerning and devoted.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK