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Manchester Terrier 14/08/2020

I don’t know about you but I am really missing all aspects of the showorld at the present time, for 6 months of the year my life revolves around it, be it showing , judging, stewarding or organising. Missing the social side, especially the freedom of been away in the motorhome and meeting up with friends. exploring the areas around the shows and also giving the dogs time away from their usual surroundings. Very disappointing not to be able to bring puppies out to their first shows and some will be out of puppy before they will be shown, if they ever get shown. With the lack of ringcraft, it will be difficult to cover all the required aspects. Our dogs, although live with many others still get very excited when they see others out walking, god knows what it will be like when they are in a ring with others. I have missed out on some great judging opportunities, which I have looked forward to for years, first time CCs in Dandies, Smooth Fox and skye terriers and my first Championship group at Belfast Champ show. Many local shows and a trip to Sweden for their terrier show where I was judging several breeds have sadly passed. My Time has been spent around the house and doing those what appear to be non essential jobs. I am not a keen gardener, but have learned new DIY skills. It is good that during this lockdown and reduced activities time, that we have at least had decent weather for the majority of the time. I cannot wait for the first show and I am keeping everything crossed that Bournemouth goes ahead, to get me away and meet up with some like minded people. But, We are still here and still remain positive.

I was wondering what others do for flea and worming treatment. I personally never put any flea treatment on any of our dogs, don’t believe in introducing chemicals that are not required. We live in the country and never have any issues with fleas. We occasionally get a tick on the dogs, but soon remove with a tick twister. As for Worming, we administer a mixture of drontal, cestem and pancur tablets approx. every 3 months. Vaccination wise, another topic much discussed is do you have shots every year, again everyone to their own, however for us, we have the initial puppy vacs, then another shot at 1 year, then no more. Again, something that needs reviewing in particular areas, dependant on diseases that may prevail.

This week the questions fall to Christy Straughan. We first became interested in MT’s approx 7 years ago and after carrying out lots of research, attending shows and meeting various breeders we became the proud owners of our first one, Smurf, in 2005 and the crazy world of being owned by a dog started. We decided on MT number two, Faith, in 2018 and that was when the rollercoaster ride really began, she is such a massive diva !!!! It was always the intention to venture into the show ring and we’ve had a lot of fun with some fabulous results but what’s made owning this breed even better is the friendships we’ve made along the way, not just from showing but from the MT community in general. This breed is far from easy but the good points far outweigh the bad ones, most days... For those ‘pull your hair out moments’ the support of your breeder is invaluable, we’ve been very lucky in that respect and I only hope we can do the same for our future owners when we have our first litter next year. Christy.

Interesting fact: Manchester Terrier, Often described as the most well-mannered of all terriers, Manchester terriers are highly agile, intelligent, and cunning.



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