Manchester Terrier Association

Manchester Terrier 19/06/2020

Just a Manchester…

Another week in lockdown, if however a lot easier now with many restrictions removed, only a matter of time until social distancing drops to 1 metre, car boots and Outdoor Markets are now allowed to open , pubs will follow suit soon, so guess we are now on the road to welcoming back outside dog shows and other dog related pastimes?

No official updates to report from the proposed Champ shows, however the Game Fair which is attended and loved by so many has succumbed to postponement. I had previously planned for July and September.

A group of like minded Manchester Terrier enthusiasts, have been motivated to commence the beginnings of a proposed new Manchester Terrier Breed Club, to be named ‘Manchester Terrier Association’ (proposed), which will seek KC approval. At present the breed is only represented by the one club, the BMTC, it is hoped that two clubs will give options to all and can only be beneficial to Manchester Terriers. The proposed club kicked of by advertising an online Manchester show on facebook, the original intention was for a small donation (£1) to be made, which would go into a fund for needy chesters or owners. Unfortunately, due to complaints / questioning from a minority, the show was declared donation free to any prospective entrees. So if you fancy a little bit of fun and interest, get your photos into the classes advertised on the facebook page ‘Manchester Terrier Online Show’ a couple of Manchester terrier specialist judges have been lined up. The proposed club can also be found on facebook, search for ‘Manchester Terrier Association (proposed). This new club is only in the early stages of formation, as would be expected, however anyone from any discipline is welcomed on board and anyone who would like to be involved at Committee level should make themselves known. It is hoped that both clubs will be able to flourish alongside each other.

A quick review of the Terrier breeds, shows that all but 5 breeds of the 27, have more than 1 breed club, with the larger breeds having up to 17 clubs, I wonder if this drives forward popularity, diversity and growth?

The online shows are really taking off with breed, open shows, individuals and even championship shows adding them to their facebook pages. ‘Our dogs’ last virtual online show had a wonderful line up of group winners. as did the recent Cheshire County show.

I note that several other disciplines are also running similar, with the UK agility club, advertising late entry to the ‘at home video shows’ for £6.

News filtered through of another Manchester taking the trip to Rainbow Bridge, Digelsa Dancing with Darla owned by Bethany Cawley & Elaine House, sweet dreams Darla x

With the weather picking up again, restrictions relaxed, means more walks for the dogs, do ensure you check your dogs regularly for ticks. I actually removed one from a Manchester yesterday, the first one ever, yet I have to take them off the bedlingtons very regular, so the little devils either don’t like the taste of the manchesters, or cant catch them to tag on