Manchester Terrier Association

Manchester Terrier 19/09/2020

Well the inevitable happened and Paignton was cancelled despite all the hard work and positive vibes of the committee, I along with many other showing enthusiasts were really looking forward to the show, meeting like minded people again and some refreshing time away in the motorhome. Seems strange that Paws in the Park was allowed to go ahead over the weekend, photos would suggest very little social distancing, with many dogs and trade stands in attendance. I just cannot fathom out the logic anymore.

The Manchester Terrier Association held a very enjoyable mini training / socialisation day on Sunday in a large private field. Covid regulations were strictly adhered to, a fun, relaxed environment, providing and ensuring enjoyment was had by all. Something that has been greatly missed. Several naughty puppies, who thoroughly enjoyed the outing and some budding junior handlers, all enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. People put through their paces and quickly getting back into the groove. Everyone taking the time out to have their own prepared picnics, loved it.

I noted on the same day that up the road in Yorkshire Otley held an outside show, apparently with great success, what I found funny was the visiting policemen, after an inspection and thumbs up, went on to buy raffle tickets. As the famous words go… The show must go on ….

Facebook can be a very interesting and rewarding area, if used accordingly. I for one will skip past an item if I don’t agree with it or its not my taste. Unfortunately there are a few, who seem determined to generate unrest, with childish innuendos in regards to fellow enthusiasts & goading a response from others. I am unsure what drives them to do this, being more interested in the antics of others, rather than their own lives. Could it be jealousy, bravado, boredom or just nastiness ? I am sure that their effort and willingness would be better placed putting this back into the breed with positive actions. More interested in the antics of others, rather than their own lives. Some of the items are nothing more than bullying, intimidating and character assassination, this social media behaviour is in total contradiction to the KC & Breed club policies. It is not warranted and totally unexpected by fellow KC exhibitors and persons representing breed clubs, some in senior positions!

Some of these ‘posts’ refer to the Manchester Terrier Association (proposed), still in the early days of set up and merrily going about its business.

There is an initial committee in place, the Associations aims, objectives and structure of the club are set out in the KC application.  The club hopes to grow and add further committee members tom its ranks. The club has already applied for registration with the Kennel Club, it has confirmed it is acceptable to raise funds and hold activities. The club is open to applications from all, with interest in all disciplines known and companion dogs. The intention is to run fun events, to cover interests for all Manchester enthusiasts and pet owners. The associations primary interest is education sharing to support owners and their dogs.

At the present time the Association has an open facebook page (with the intention of keeping it positive), a separate pictures page and a website, growing on a daily basis.

There is NO reason why the association cannot run in harmony with the BMTC, this is the case with the majority of other breed clubs within the KC structure.

The founding members have a wealth of knowledge in several areas, including Manchesters, other breeds, Breeding, Judging, organisation, training. All have had or continue to have senior positions in KC show activities / clubs / teams, ranging from Championship show level, through Terrier club level and breed level. Positions covering everything between Chairman to CM level. Three of the team are KC assured breeders. ALL have the interests of Manchester Terriers at heart!

At present the MTA committee is made up as follows... Mark Walshaw is Chairman. Mandy Davies is Secretary. Gillian Knight is asst secretary covering Membership. Gareth Brown is Treasurer. Other committee team members include Kevin Carter, Clive Knight, Mick Oxley, Carly Priestman and Janet Forshaw.

People who wish to join this club should not be bullied or penalised…


A common question that is asked about Manchester Terriers, is why do their ears go awry when teething. I don’t know what others think and it would be interesting to hear feedback, my view is that the muscles in that area are constantly working, and the strain can cause ear muscles to weaken and lose their shape as a dog teethes. It is more noticeable in dogs who have specific ear carriage, like the MT and is not restrictive to the Manchester. Other terrier breeds require ears glueing in situ (Airedale, irish, etc) while the ear settles. It is also common in breeds that require flame ears, where in these instances, the ears fail to raise and droop. Why does this happen? Simple. When the pup is teething his body will need to borrow some calcium for the teeth to grow well along with important bones. The cartilage of the ear at this time is not that important overall, so they will resume using the calcium only once the teeth and bones have used it. Generally, if your puppy had well placed ears before the puppy teething phase started (between 3-5 months), but then flopped down during teething, they should come back up once the teething phase is over. There are reports of owners giving up on the ears, and then they magically drop in correctly when the pup is almost 1 year old! So not all hopes are lost, however, it's quite unlikely for a pup to grow correct ears once reaching 1 year of age.

Is correct ear carriage important, as the breed standard states…   Ears. Small and ‘V’ shaped, carried well above top line of head and hanging close to head above eyes. In my view, without the correct ears and head and expression you lose an important essence of the breed ! but it doesn’t stop it been a Manchester