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Manchester Terrier 21/08/2020

A little upsetting to see so many younger Manchester’s passing to Rainbow Bridge recently, is this the norm, or has social media only emphasised these sad losses. Another to recently pass was Jean & John Marshalls much loved Molly, Talanors Treat Me Special at Jepejo, a bitch with a gentle nature who was a regular around the shows.

I note there have been a few litters of puppies born lately, be interesting to know what the current prices are, good homes should be easy enough to winkle out as the demand is high, based on numbers of enquiries we all receive. Prices through the other breeds and especially crossbreeds still continue to rise, be interesting to see how many of these hobby breeders get tracked down by the Tax Office, in the coming year, be difficult to explain the income for a few litters of cavipoos at nearly £3k each and over 6 in the nest each time.

Social Media has brought so much flexibility and the increased communication that goes with it. A fantastic example of this is regarding a recent Bedlington Terrier Facebook Auction, called ‘Mila's Fund’ showing that the total raised was £12,007.50. Bids came from all over the world and people were exceptionally generous, ran by a couple of keen Bedlington enthusiasts with monies helping any bedlingtons and owners who fall on difficult times, need emergency treatment, or as recently helping a couple of bedlingtons in China, who were planned for the meat trade!

Covid restrictions continue to change, main area seems to be on returning from overseas, with quarantine orders been implemented. Whilst as I write I note that attendances at football matches and other events seems to be opening up, so hopefully a positive sign for dog shows both inside & outdoors. Appears to be all steam ahead for Bournemouth, with the ring plans been issued last week.

I note a few of the Manchester fraternity have been spending time away in their caravans and motorhomes at various locations around the UK, with some of the showgrounds opening up with their facilities. Bournemouth, WKC and Malvern, also seeing dog show folk. Others have met up for Manchester Terrier meets around the country. How refreshing for all to get away and the dogs love the variety of walks and meeting others, also proves beneficial for puppies in their training. We took the opportunity to have time away at Ripon racecourse, the grounds were in fantastic condition. We all had a great time, a few days work cleaning out DCDSS containers ( much needed as so much ‘rubbish’ had been amassed), a task that was required! Then time spent relaxing and exploring more of the nearby countryside and pleasing walks around and upto Ripon were excellent, I don’t usually get to do this when setting up the show. Weather was very changeable though, with all aspects of the UK weather seen.

This week the Manchester Terrier questions fall to Susan O’Boyle…. Forty plus year's ago, married with a young daughter, i wanted a Doberman. Martin my husband was not keen. So looking through dog books i came across a picture of an mt. No Internet in those days, so after a lot of research, I found out Enid teague Knight, only lived 9 miles away. A phone call, and Eaglespur Ruffled Grouse came to live with us. Small wonky ears, but adorable, he loved me, but hated Martin, lol. Twelve months later, Martin bought me Eaglespur Agatha. So my journey with the breed started. Our first litter, i kept two boys, Studs Adam and thunder of Thor, venturing in to the show ring. Bitten with the bug. Out of our second litter we kept Totters Toast, purchased Wayward Holly, a Captain from Churnet pup. Obtaining our affix Ruffagga. Taking a long break from breeding and showing, to compete with horse, but always an mt by my side. Retiring from riding, I purchased Eaglespur Madam Sweetie, and so began my second journey with them, breeding and showing. In my view, the Manchester terrier is the best breed ever, not for everyone, but never a dull moment, faithful, loving, energetic, wilful, naughty, full of fun, and extremely good looking. Susan.

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