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Manchester Terrier 22/11/2020

Great news as facebook lit up twith the news that Crufts has been rescheduled for June, commencing Thursday 15th and continuing for the usual 4 days. Whether it will take the same format and what the entry criteria will be, will no doubt be determined at a later stage, dependant on restrictions going forward. Although this was very positive news, there were still plenty of negative souls out there determined to whine and moan and think of every conceivable reason why it would not or should not go ahead. It makes you wonder what their lives actually consist of, best part of it is, the usual moaners don’t, or very rarely even attend these type of events. Just live in their own negative worlds, well crack on and enjoy.

The KC continue to have what can only be described as major issues with the launch of this new IT system, not only registrations, side, general layout, missing info, but now advising that its find a judge pages, will not be operational for some months. It is going to be a slow road forward.

I was asked about the Kennel Club Journal by a friend the other day, who was not aware that it was available for Free on the KC website and was issued at the very end of each month. The Kennel Club Journal is the KC official online publication and its aim is to keep readers abreast of developments within the canine world every month. It includes information on events, judges and all announcements from The Kennel Club, including features on dog breeds and news and events from around the dog world. The publication is free to download @

There are so many dogs / puppies being stolen, snatched from their owners being walked, taken from gardens,taken from kennels , whole litters , older dogs as well. Four welsh terriers just this week gone. It is so wrong and so distressing to their owners and all because of money. Keep your eye out for any dodgy looking adverts and report.

Its great to see that the Manchester Terrier Assoc are organising a free photo competition on the lead up to Christmas. Plenty of classes to be entered for competition or just for fun. Takes some of the boredom away from lockdown. Get your entries in, see their facebook page, Email your entries to xmasphotos@manchesterterrierassociation.cominclude the class you would like the photo entered into, these will be added to FB albums with no names, for judging on the 9th December by judges to be advised after entries have closed.

Taken from an American website….

VWD: Von Willebrand's disease is a bleeding disorder common in a number of breeds, including Manchester Terriers, ETT’s, Doberman Pinschers, Scottish Terriers, and Shetland Sheepdogs. Severely affected dogs can bleed to death from relatively minor injuries because their blood does not clot properly as a result of a deficiency or dysfunction of von Willebrand factor (vWF), a plasma protein. The prevalence and severity of the disorder depends on the breed of dog. Little information is available that deals specifically with Manchester Terriers, but thankfully they do not appear to be as severely affected as some other breeds and it is highly unlikely that even affected Manchester Terriers would die from "bleeding out" from minor injuries. Information provided by VetGen (a company that provides tests for vWD) indicates that approximately 59% of the Manchester Terriers genetically tested to date are clear of vWD, 35% are carriers and 6% are affected with the disorder. VWD is a genetic disorder and the gene responsible has recently been identified. The genetic test, available from VetGen, conclusively tells you if your dog is affected (has the disorder), a carrier (does not have the disorder but does carry the gene and could create affected puppies if breed with another carrier) or clear (does not have the disorder or carry the gene responsible for the disorder). For most people, whether an animal is clear or carrier is irrelevant as neither will ever suffer from the disorder. Both clears and carriers produce normal levels of clotting factor and neither is at risk for excessive bleeding episodes. It is only when animals will be used in a breeding program that being clear or carrier matters, as it may affect who the animal should be mated with. Prior to the discovery of the genetic basis of vWD and the genetic test, vets used to offer blood tests to diagnose the disorder. The blood test (which is still available) is cheaper, but the results can be affected by a number of factors (e.g. hormonal cycles) and generally the genetic test is preferred.

The above topic is also the Topic of the Month on MTA FB page.

Windsor 1996 (24 years ago) No Ccs for judge Mrs JM Hoad and an entry of 28.

Best Dog : Mrs B L BANTING Indicott Valentino, Res Best Dog : Miss J HOBBS Sophyla Seventh Son of Texanger, Best Bitch & Best of Breed : Mrs S F & Miss M J CLIFTON Keyline October Glory, Res Best Bitch : Mrs L C BRANDER Eaglespur Meadow Blossom, Best Puppy : Mr & Mrs G S & Ms E KIRSOPP Gemale Christmas Cracker.

in the same year, again without CCs, at Darlington Dog Show Society, saw an entry of just 8 for judge Mr M Fletcher.

Best Dog & Best of Breed: Mr & Mrs W KNOWLES Talanors Ticket To Ride, Res Best Dog : Mr & Mrs L GOODMAN Atlantic Storm, Best Bitch : Mr J J & Mrs M JONES Megellan Kalia, Res Best Bitch : Mr & Mrs W KNOWLES Ch Brookstream Banquet, Best Puppy : Mr J J & Mrs M JONES Megellan Kalia.

With CC’s at Welsh Kennel Club (1996), for judge Mrs P Gore, the entry was 36.

Dog CC : Mr G NEWTON Tailored To Suit, Res Dog CC : Mrs B L BANTING Indicott Valentino, Bitch CC & Best of Breed: Mr & Mrs B J EVANS Twisel Uttanutta, Res Bitch CC : Mr & Mrs B J EVANS Twisel Devon Dawn, Best Puppy : Mrs E E TEAGUE KNIGHT Eaglespur Red Climbing Rose

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

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