Manchester Terrier Association

Manchester Terrier 24/07/2020

Sad news last week, Ken Broxup lost his beloved IZZY, at 14 years of age, Gloryline Elizabeth of York at Brockenella JW, bred by Sally and Melisa Clifton, its never easy when we lose them.

Both clubs continue to run the calendar competitions, for everyone to enter their photos of their dogs, some great ones coming through and it’s a pleasure for them all to be shared.

The KC have issued a basic video of how to become involved in Dog Showing, titled ‘Get Started’ I have already shared it on FB, however is worth a watch and can also been found on KC facebook page.

The BMTC have issued the date for the 2021 fun weekend, next year it is falling over the weekend of 16th to 18th  July, it doesn’t clash with any championship shows.

No update on the BMTC Champ show in October, so presuming that it is all systems go.

A year ago, the showscene would have just moved on from Leeds Champ Show and exhibitors would have been anticipating Paignton Champ show at the weekend. Leeds champ show produced two new champions in Goodwins, Digelsa Date Night at Holtaire (best of breed) & Spains, Talanors Diamond Tornado. From an entry of 24 with just the 1 absent for judge Keith Baldwin. The honours at Paignton, judged by Carol Wicker, went to Knights, Talanors Typically Special (best of breed) & Aspden, Exdraco Tony Wilson picking up the dog CC. From an entry of 18 with 2 absent.

Pearly whites, Gnashers, fangs, dentition, Ivories... whatever you want to call them, they still need attention and cleaning! Manchester Terriers do not appear to have many issues, however keeping on top of this by whatever means proves very beneficial. Tooth decay and gingivitis in Dogs, can result in other very serious health issues, such as heart disease and kidney or liver disease, let alone tooth loss. I personally use a standard toothbrush along with Roast dinner Toothpaste from Dorwest herbs. This alongside the mixture of both natural chews (hooves, pigs ears, pizzles and beef muscle) and chewsticks, seems to do the trick. Others use an Emmi Pet, dentastix, plaque off or various other means. Some dogs need very regular attention, some do not! I believe it is also breed dependant, I have to put quite a bit of work in, on the back molars of Bedlingtons, not so much in the case of Manchesters. So I guess it is down to jaw shape? Some dogs get very little build up, however others, fed on the same diet, need their teeth cleaning more regularly. So with the shows getting ready for start up, get your dogs up on those grooming tables and check them over.

Its great to see lots of caravan parks  have now opened its doors to all, with some restrictions in place and even the Dog Show sites have made their facilities available, with Bournemouth site currently open and talk of the site at Builth Wells been available in August, you cannot beat getting away with the dogs and spending the time relaxing in different environments, our dogs love it (as we do