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Manchester Terrier 26/06/2020

Its good to see LO back sharing info in the column, the breed now has double coverage, hopefully capturing all aspects.

Several examples of extortionate prices been charged for puppies, highlighted on facebook in the past week, for example, a pair of young border terriers, £4K each or both for £7K. It would appear that all breeds are in the same predicament at the present time, with limited availability. It will take something drastic for these prices to reduce dramatically whilst there is a shortage through all breeds. So, food for thought, if back street breeders, are selling for these prices and if it does continue, will reputable breeders put their prices up to match, or will they sell at very cheap prices? Maybe puppy buyers will not want the lower priced puppies, bred from champion stock, they maybe aren’t right because they are cheap ? I believe KC pedigree dogs, tested, bred by reputable breeders are at the present time undervalued, when you look at the likes of doodles been sold daily, as a norm for a minimum of between £1 - £2k.

Having a look through judges that have / are going to officiate the breed at Crufts, it shows in the last 10 years, 6 have been breed specialists and 2 terrier specialists and 2 all rounders. The next 3 years shows, are shared between 1 breed specialist and 2 terrier experts. Seems like a healthy split to me.

The Kennel Club journal does not show any additional judges for 2021. So the ones already confirmed are Manchester, Joe Ashe, Crufts, M Clifton, National Terrier, Liz Cartledge, SKC, Albert Wight, Paignton, Jenny Miller, Bournemouth, Janet Benton, Welsh KC, Martin Phillips C of Birmingham , Alan Stephenson. Maybe a couple of others who have been approved, but bot on the KC find a judge pages yet.

Just a reminder that the Online Dog Show on facebook closes next week, so get your entries sent in by email to and watch the page  ‘manchester terrier online show’ by the 1st July.

I noticed that the recent online terrier show ‘top of the terriers’ attracted an entry of over 400 pictures, it was won by a Dandie Dinmont. Good placings for some of the Manchesters, with particular mention to Christy Straughan and Lesley Olbinson.

BMTC are sharing info shortly of their Summer of Fun event, more details when known.

It was also highlighted that the BMTC Champ show, to be judged by Mr Paul Eardley, was still planned to go ahead in October, no details yet on the website, but searching elsewhere shows it will be held on the 10th at Tomlinsons.

This week we go back 20 years to Paignton DFA, in 2020.

The judge was Terrier specialist Kay Aspin. An entry of 28, with 1 absentee, a good entry for Devon, principle winners were…

Dog CC : Mr & Mrs D V EDWARDS Eaglespur Magic Jason
Res Dog CC : Mrs L C BRANDER Menfreya Boswell
Bitch CC : Mrs M CLOWES Churnet Cavetina
Res Bitch CC : Mr A A & Mrs D M RICHMOND Quixol My Favour at Whitgift
Best Puppy : Mr G LEWIS Eaglespur Noble Archer
BEST OF BREED : Mr & Mrs D V EDWARDS Eaglespur Magic Jason

Just a Manchester…

Answers are kindly supplied by Mandy Davies (Wystry) this week …

When did you first become involved in Manchesters?

I first became involved in Manchesters in 1989, I had contacted the secretary, Phil Margiotta in 1988.  She put me in touch with a lady in Coventry called Jackie Shaw.  Jackie then recommended a breeder in Devon who had a puppy available.

Why Manchesters? 

I worked with a lady who showed a Standard Poodle, she had so much fun showing every weekend and it appeared a good hobby so I decided I wanted to try this.  Then I had to choose the breed.  I had never had a dog before although my partner was brought up with Boxers.  I shortlisted it to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or the Dobermann.  I had seen what I thought was a Dobermann on a pedigree chum advert on TV however soon realised it said they were Manchester Terriers.  That was it…I was hooked.

Do you currently own any Manchesters, and if so how many?

I have two manchesters, Elsa who is 21 months and Poppy who is 12.

Do you have any other dogs? I have a weimararner, Misty.  She is nearly 2 and half.

If you breed what do you consider the most important factors when considering a potential litter? 

I consider lots of factors, is the bitch ready? Have I got potential homes? Are they top class homes?  Being an assured breeder I have numerous contacts through the KC site and there are so many genuine potential owners out there that are keen to have a puppy.  

Who would you consider as your mentor in the early days?
My mentor was Bernard Evans, along with Margaret. (Twisel), 100% supportive and always at the end of the phone.  He never judged the breed but he knew his stuff.  

When did you start showing and was your first breed Manchesters? I showed as soon as my dog was 6 months in 1989.  I bred my first manchesters from Indicott Venetian Vista I cant remember the year off hand but would have been around 1999.  She had 3 puppies and we kept one.  Brenda Banting bred Chloe (indicott venetian vista) I was sad to hear she passed away last year.  

When did you accept your first judging appointment? I did the Manchester Terrier Club Limit show in 2003.  

How many times have you awarded CC’s

I gave CC’s at Bath in 2016 and at National Terrier in 2019

Do you judge other breeds?
I don’t judge other breeds however I have passed a breed seminar for Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Who are your favourite Manchesters from the past that (1) you owned yourself and (2) that belonged to another person? 

Coombelane Figaro was my first Manchester, he will always be my favourite (2) Keyline Warsting of Laurenbill bred by Brian Moorhouse and Suzanne de forest keys and owned by Lawrence Boggis.  He was the first Manchester I saw in the ring at a show.  He was beautiful.  

Ch Keyline Vengeance will never be forgotten or Ch Digelsa Don the One (his son), I saw Don the one come out as a puppy at a club show and he was full of character.

If you exhibit your Manchesters how many shows do you exhibit at per year – or do you show selectively under judges because you value their opinion?

When campaigning a puppy I will try to support as many clubs and judges as I can, however I have been showing long enough that there are judges I would not go under.

What are your greatest achievements in the show ring?  Getting Best in Show with Poppy under Ian Beales, her third and crowning CC.  However I was speechless with Elsa getting Best Puppy and 2nd in Puppy Group at Blackpool championship show in 2019.

What are your greatest achievements outside of dogs?

My nursing career and how it has gone from strength to strength culminating in my current position which I love.

If you could offer advice to anyone showing or breeding Manchesters what would it be? 

Showing - Ensure that your dog enjoys showing, make it fun. Make friends in other breeds.

Breeding – go for the dog that you think will complement your bitch, study your pedigree and choose the dog that you would take home to live with you.  

Standard Corner . Gait/Movement:

Straight, free and balanced with good-reaching forequarters and driving power in hindquarters.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK