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Manchester Terrier 28/08/2020

As I write this we are in the middle of another ‘Summer Storm’, we are away in the motorhome and all dogs are cabined up and not so keen on venturing out, which in this instance I can agree with them. What are others Manchesters like in the wet weather? Ours aren’t as positive in getting out as usual, however, are more keen than a Bedlington or whippet, who pretend they haven’t seen you pick the lead up and bury their heads tightly in. Guess that is our Summer finished and we should expect more of the same.

By now the postal entries will have closed for Bournemouth (1st Sept) if entries were not extended, Online entries close at 12 noon 8th September DOG. BIZ (Higham Press). Manchester terriers are planned to be judged on Sunday, day 2 of the show, after bull terriers and parson Russell terriers in ring 5.

Good to see some open shows and breed shows been planned to go ahead late September early October, be interesting to see the numbers of exhibitors who attend and the set ups and controls these shows have. Will also be interesting to see if the exhibitors abide by all the requirements, which will be key to the risk assessments been worthwhile.

The Summer 2020 (April to end June) Breed Records Supplement, was received from the Kennel Club. This shows that 30 manchesters were registered, from 7 litters, on a par with the same quarter last year. The Terrier figures as a whole are very similar to last years corresponding quarter. There was No health testing recorded against Manchesters, for any of the KC registered Health Schemes and one Manchester was exported to Estonia.

Good news from Sue Pinkham, who was entered in the Kennel Club Stonleigh Rally Online Charity show, with Lexi, as part of the ‘Get Up & Go’ team. A mixed team which also included a Skye terrier amongst others. The team went on to win the Best Mixed breed team award. It was reported in the Kennel Club Gazette, that they were overwhelmed with the response of 89 entries, which raised £850 for the charity, Medical Detection Dogs.

Also in Septembers Gazette, is mention to and a photo of the late Nerolie De Lavis-Trafford. She is detailed in a section looking at the various KC charities, advising the donations that have been received and what some of the funds have been spent on. Nerolie donated to the KC Education Trust, monies to be spent on the Education & training of new Manchester Terrier judges.  The KC trust receives very few donations for this particular charity. It will be interesting to see how these monies that were left from the legacies of Nerolie’s estate, some 2 years ago, will be invested back into the breed.

Plenty of happy people posting their thanks on the Manchester Terrier Association FB page, after the Online Show. All now receiving their prize cards, ribbons and any special awards they won, they do look great. Further photo competitions are ongoing on the MTA photo pages and details of the calendar from the original competition winners, I am advised will be announced shortly.

Bank Holiday weekend would have seen a trip to SKC, no classes for Manchester Terriers as a reduced breed classification is in place. We usually go in the motorhome and meet up with friends. It is a decent campsite, with shower and toilet facilities and generally flat ground with well conditioned grass. Plenty of walking nearby with the dogs, either on leads or free running. Because it is right next door to the airport, it can be fun watching the planes dropping in, especially in windy conditions. A tram service links up the airport to Edinburgh, so cheap stress free trips into the City are readily available, for those who can arrange someone to keep an eye on the dogs. We usually get a trip in, with the highlight for me been my meal of haggis and neeps, in a traditional Scottish pub. We have had some good results showing the manchesters in AVNSC at this show and in the stakes classes.As we all know, this show is now held inside within the confines of the RHS buildings. Due the fact that the outside areas became saturated and waterlogged when the weather decided to turn a couple of years on the trot. Must admit, I prefer an outside show, wonder what others prefer?

Looking back 10 years …..

CITY OF BIRMINGHAM. Judge: Mr Frederick Gadd
BEST OF BREED : PALMER Mr D J & Mrs J L Egloshayle Black Rosewyn Sh.CM
Dog CC : BRAYBROOK Mrs H Ch Gloryline Sir Thomas More
Res Dog CC : GOODWIN Mr & Mrs A AND J A Digelsa Dionysis
Bitch CC : PALMER Mr D J & Mrs J L Egloshayle Black Rosewyn Sh.CM
Res Bitch CC : O'NEILL Mrs B A Megellan Thunder Bird
Best Puppy : SAXTON, Miss E A & DALE, Miss B E & DALE Mr P N Egloshayle Sea Sprite Of Rattustrap
Best Veteran : not awarded
Best Breeder : Dunford & Akrigg

WELSH KC. Judge: Mr P Bakewell
BEST OF BREED : 5829 MORRIS Mr S C & Mrs C Ch Calastoa Ruby Teusday
Dog CC : 5799 BRANDER Mrs L C Churnet Concerto at Menfreya
Res Dog CC : 5828 MORRIS Mr S C & Mrs C Mansiya Word To The Wise At Calastoa
Bitch CC : 5829 MORRIS Mr S C & Mrs C Ch Calastoa Ruby Teusday
Res Bitch CC : 5823 KNIGHT Mr C & Mrs G Talanors Special Treat
Best Puppy : 5838 TYRRELL Mr C & Mrs D Larkswing Grand Glider
Best Veteran : not awarded
Best Breeder : Dunford & Akrigg

This week the Manchester Terrier questions fall to Jean Walker & we learn a little more about her and her dog life…

Thank you for asking me to write a piece about myself for your weekly notes, Mark; I hope

as a relative newcomer to the breed I can contribute something of interest.

My involvement in Manchester Terriers goes back only about six years, but I have owned

dogs all my life, and owned, bred, shown and worked Dobermanns for four decades until


Much as I love showing, my dogs have always been pets first and foremost, and therefore,

as my last Dobermann got older, and I began to think about taking on another puppy, I

realised that a dog of such strength and vigour really needs a person younger than I to give

it a fulfilling life.

So, what to do?

As I mentioned, I love showing, and over the years I have had such fun in the breed ring,

making up a champion and a couple of “nearlys” when dog showing was at its zenith and

entries were enormous.

I have also in a modest way been involved in various working disciplines and obedience with

my Dobes, and had no wish to stop doing any of this.

So it seemed logical to try another, probably smaller, breed.

There had always only been one breed for me. All others were just dogs.

Perhaps I should try a Border Collie, as I like to do obedience? No, too hairy, not enough of a

challenge (Some collie owners might disagree!)

Then there were the other “pinschers” the Min Pin and the German Pinscher. Min Pin - too

small. German Pinscher somehow didn’t appeal. Both have self colours as part of their

genetic make up. Perhaps I was looking for a substitute Dobe, although I would not have

said I was at the time.

Look at the terrier breeds? No way!

Then, one day, at an open show, while watching the proceedings in the ring, I felt the touch

of a small cold nose on the back of my leg.

I turned around to look into the eyes of a Manchester Terrier.

Yes, I had obviously seen them before at shows here and there. I had seen pictures too,

usually in Dog World and Our Dogs, and noted their resemblance to Dobes, but nothing


After the show I looked them up on the internet, and also at various breeders’ websites. I

was delighted to discover the wide range of activities enthusiasts take part in as well as

breed showing.

I said to my husband “I think I could live with one of those!”

I contacted breeders and it soon became apparent that I wasn’t going be able to just stroll in and take my pick. I was also pleased that in most cases breeders were only too willing to tell me about the quirks and occasional problems that come with the breed. No “hard sell” for them!

After a few false starts I was able to buy my girl Briar from Clive and Gill Knight of the

Talanors affix, and really begin to learn about Manchester Terriers!

And what a delight it has been!

I have been fortunate to make her up to champion, Ch Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin

ShCM, and I can’t thank Gill and Clive enough for their help and support, especially during her recent whelping.

The quick intelligence of the breed has also delighted me. I have been able to work Briar in open obedience, but the most fun has been had with the Manchesters Reunited

Obreedience Team, including two appearances at Crufts.

I love the “working” side of the pedigree dog; during my time with Dobermanns I often found it difficult to interest other owners in anything other than exhibiting. This isn’t the case in Manchesters, where sometimes I feel that the activity side dominates. This is fine as long as the yardstick of breed showing is supported and maintained. I would love to see more Manchester owners value the breed ring and try their luck.

So, have I found my substitute Dobermann?

No. I, like many others who have come into the breed initially attracted by the similarity, soon find that the breed stands very firmly in its own right.

However, in my opinion it shares many character traits with the Dobermann, and, coupled with colouring and some inheritance patterns, this leads me to believe that the two breeds must have evolved from the same stem.

After five years as a Manchester owner I feel that I have only scratched the surface of this

fascinating breed. There is so much more that I still have to learn, and I shall enjoy the

process so much! Jean Walker.


Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst are we still in these more confining times.


I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK