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Manchester Terrier 31/07/2020

Well my introduction to the Our Dogs breed notes has really kicked everyone in to life, which can only be beneficial for the breed, there seems to be a new enthusiasm around, with an abundance of breed notes and others stepping up to the mark, with communications all round been improved. I am sure that the potential introduction of a second breed club will assist with this going forward. Variety all round, that is what is needed, it was becoming a little stale. Here’s to a positive future, embraced by all.

For those who have not already seen, Great news for all the Manchester Terrier testing/records… KENNEL CLUB GENETICS CENTRE DATA AND BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL SAVED. Important research assets rescued from Newmarket and moved to Cambridge. The Kennel Club and the Animal Health Trust (AHT) have issued a joint statement on July 28 to advise that, in the wake of this month’s news of the closure of the AHT, the scientific data and biological material including more than 40,000 DNA samples stored at the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the AHT’s headquarters in Newmarket have been secured and moved to Cambridge University.

The KC Journal shows one new Manchester appointment for 2021, at Windsor Championship Show, Mr Ken Bartlett, 1st time judge at this level for the breed, he was due to judge the breed in 2020, but was cancelled due to Covid.

The Our Dogs online dog show is about to commence, for anyone who hasn’t already dipped a toe into the online shows, well worth a go, for a bit of fun, until we get back to the real thing.

If you haven’t already started, its time to get your dogs back in training, the Kennel Club have a good article on this subject on their website, which is well worth a read.

How did you become involved in Manchesters, why manchesters and what do you enjoy doing with them ? was a couple of questions posed to Kirsti Kahrs, a well known Manchester terrier enthusiast from Norway, who recently judged the record breaking manchester terrier online show.

I have always loved dogs and when I met my husband I owned a Great Dane. In 1989 we had our first litter, a Great Dane litter of 5. We kept two bitches that lived on to be 9 1/2 and 10 1/2 years old. When they started to get older we decided we wanted a smaller, healthy breed. So we found the manchester terrier. This we have never regret. Our first Manchesters were Great Lady Surprise Go Brander (CH Airworth Bonny Traveller x CH Bjørkestadens Rory Go Braider) and Kimblewick Indiana Jones (CH Kimblewick Kasper x CH Kimblewick Feidra). They both became Champions (Indi even International champion) and Lady and I competed in Obedience. From our first litter (out of the two) we got three puppies, two of them became International Champions. We are proud to have bred manchesters and english toy terriers for over 20 years under the affix X-Pected Dine Mite. We have both imported and exported Manchesters from around the world. The dogs that has had the most impact for our breeding comes from Kimblewick (Finland), Eaglespur (England), Windypark (Australia), Black Bandit (Germany) and Dogct (Australia). We have shown quite a high number of our dogs to champions and International champions as well as several with World Winners titles. Proud to say that many of our dogs are behind pedigrees worldwide. Three of our dogs are approved therapy dogs, which I am really proud of. But most importantly our dogs are loved pets! My husband and I have travelled around the world for the last 30 years to dogshows. Both to watch and to show dogs at shows like Crufts, World Winner shows, European Manchester Terrier Happenings, American Manchester terrier Nationals and many more national and International shows. We are blessed to have met so many lovely Manchester owners around the world! I am quite active on the local dog scene and take part in a variety of dog events. I am a Norwegian Kennel Club approved rally-obedience judge and instructor. I have also been the Breed contact for the manchester terrier in The Norwegian Terrier Club for 17 years. I was honoured by been invited to judge the Manchester terrier Association onlineshow! And overwhelmed by such a big entry! I really enjoyed watching all the lovely photos of the dogs entered! One of my biggest hobbies and pleasures is to take photos of ours and others dogs, both outdoors in the nature, but also ringside. So to be able to evaluate the pictures were difficult, but a true joy! Pictures of so many stunning dogs! Kirsti Kahrs.



At approximately this time last year it was Bournemouth Champ Show, the venue is just outside of Poole, in Dorset. The area is a favourite for some of the caravan fraternity, however the campsite is not the best on the circuit, with facilities rather limited and nothing really within walking distance. But worth a trip as a great area for holidays. The officers & committee really try to accommodate suggestions for improvement and make beneficial changes year on year, to both the showground, facilities and general running of the show. Last year our judge was Tom Johnstone. From an entry of 13, he found his principle winners in BOB, BP & DCC Oxleys, Digelsa Double Top & BCC Knights, CH Talanors Typically Special. Walshaws Father & daughter combination took the RCC’s, CH Talanors Diamonds N’Dreams avec Janmark JW Shcm & Ch Janmark Black T’Black. If I remember rightly the winds were rather treacherous that week, with several caravaners property been damaged and a few leaving early. The year prior in 2018 the breed had Jean Lanning taking centre stage, a bit of a character to say the least, but very complimentary about our breed. Seventeen entries, with absentees. The Walshaws had a memorable double with CH Talanors Diamonds N’Dreams avec Janmark JW Shcm & Janmark Black T’Black taking BOB, DCC & BCC respectively. The RCC’s been awarded to Carters, Ch Digelsa Declaration and Knights Talanors Diamond Treat. Best Puppy was BOOTs Harliboo Word Gets Around.

Standard Corner : Neck ; Fairly long and tapering from shoulder to head and slightly arched at crest; free from throatiness.


I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK