Manchester Terrier Association

Manchester Terrier 05/09/2020

The Manchester Terrier Association (KC proposed) are holding a social day on Sunday 20th September, numbers are restricted due to current guidelines. COVID-19 guidelines will be in place. It will be held at Worksop S81 9EU. The day is being planned as a social event, an event for all MT owners to meet under current distancing and gathering guidance to talk and socialise about the breed.  With a collective experience of many years owning, showing, breeding and living with MT’s the MTA team are available to give general advice and support to all those who would like more information and guidance or just to talk Manchester’s. Details can be found on the Manchester Terrier association website or the MTA Facebook page. Alternatively contact Mandy  Davies direct.

The Manchester terrier Association is also now accepting applications for membership, I am advised that numbers are growing quickly, with membership been free at present. You are requested to complete the application form online or alternatively request further details from Gillian Knight.

Jean Marshall, gives a little insight in to her involvement with Manchesters this week… I started with Manchester's ten years ago after showing labs and German wirehaired pointers since the late seventies. Due to age and infirmities I decided it was time to down size. Manchester's fitted the bill perfectly as I don't need to run or kneel when showing. I was delighted to have judge the wirehairs with cc,s on three occasions. I have two Manchester now and have made many new friends (edit: sadly Jean just lost one x). Our affix is JE (Jean)PE (Peter my son)JO(John) =JEPEJO.

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst are we still in these more confining times.


I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK