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Manchester Terrier 06/12/2020

I mentioned last week seasonal hair loss in our dogs, a friend messaged me and advised that years ago, a remedy used by the boxer fraternity was hoof ointment. He advises it’s a bit smelly but did the job. 

Another thing that Manchesters seem to enjoy, more than any other breed that I am aware of is grass grazing, mine fair much away at it. In the wild, dogs and even wolves eat grasses and plants to supplement their diet, and because they are scavengers, they eat most things that are edible. ... Another reason dogs may eat grass is because it tastes good.

Now that all the hype appears to have passed around Crufts, everything looks quite positive for the return of all of our activities, certainly in the Spring. I cant wait to get back out and about and meet up with people. What with working from home and lockdown restrictions I can count on one hand the number of people I have actually met up with, all for our own safety and particularly with Jan working as a carer in a care home. These areas show how this pandemic can be managed, as they have been excellent, with no cases reported. 

Heres an extract of the breed notes from 10 years ago (written by Carol Dunford) “ At the Bolsover CS Open show with a BMTC Club judge Barbara Simpson with a good entry, and she was thrilled with the rosettes that the BMTC had given, anyway she found her BOB in Stuart and Carol’s Ch Calastoa Amber Nectar with Ann Hebb’s Ch Sophyla Stirling Silver JW Sh CM going RBOB, the BPIB was Delia and Terry’s Tetani Wizard of Dreams who also went 1st AVTP and BAVT and placed in the varieties. They also went 2nd in a strong AVBrace class, well done to our winners.

At the Plymouth DCA Open show under judge Roy Stott, Peter Williams and his dog Egloshayle Sea Lord went BOB and David and Janet’s bitch E. Sea Lily was BOS, and Janet says there were super rosettes for the main winners. Janet and David’s Egloshayle Black Rosewyn ShCM went BOB at the Penzance DCA Open show under Martin Sanders, well done to our winners.
Liz Hammett is very proud of her 9mth bitch pup Digelsa Double Take for Bryedal who has just passed her KC Good Citizens Bronze award, well done there.

Sandra Stringer and her dog - a Rattustrap bred - won a 2nd place in Jumping at the show where Carol W. and her Lulu and Chloe did two clear rounds, but the star of the show was Solo who won his first class in Agility, Carol is thrilled, super win.

Stui and Christianne (Beardow) went off to the Eurodog show in Belgium where he won a 3rd CAC + CACIB + BOB and then in a very strong group he made the first cut of 6, superb well done to you both.
I see the KC has a new ruling that only 4 litters will be registered from each bitch in future. This is something that I strongly believe is the right thing to do. I have just had my Beth spayed - she has had two litters and will be seven years old next Feb, and I thought she had done enough for me. None of mine have ever had more than 3 litters. Years ago I was told by one of the old timers - thinks, someone same age as I am now! -if they haven’t produced something nice for the show ring by then they probably never will, and I am sure they were right.

I had Rio down at the vets as she was very under the weather, and a blood test showed that all was well except her thyroid was just a point on the low side, so we are trying a low dose thyroid pill for a month and then re-test to see if it has had any effect or not.

I must say I thought she was going to be in a box in the ground, but two days later she bounced back with vim and vigour eating all her food up and wanting to go for a walk. I think this is the third Winter I have thought she will not make it to Spring, let’s hope she surprises me again. Carol Dunford.”

And from 17 years ago…” Discover Dogs was a great success for our breed, our organiser this year Pam Stubbington said the booth was packed both days, children crawled around the floor and petted the dogs, they were very patient and enjoyed all the attention evan when they got a bit tired . We must congratulate the members who gave up their week-ends to attend both very long days, and their dogs must be glad it is over for another year as well. I just wish there was something for the northern doggy people, it really is too far for most people to travel to London to see. Yes I know they can go to Crufts at Birmingham, but that is too far/costly if you have a family, perhaps some of the bigger champ.societies could join forces to try a northern dog day out? How about it !

I went to Manchester & Dist Sporting Terrier Clubs Open show on Sunday with a friend and her MT and really enjoyed the day. Nigel Norris judged the two classes of MT`s and BOB was Steve Morris`s home-bred dog Calastoa Star Light. I enjoyed being dog-less for a change and enjoyed picking out my winners, and was pleased when the judge agreed with me.

I am told that the dogs in rescue have been re-homed, thanks to all who helped, another two had come up, but one of these our re-homer was shocked to find was allegedly asking £300 for hers. She was told to advertise her dog, as the club’s rescue dogs are not for sale, but new owners are asked to make a contribution to the re-homing scheme. So we hope that dog finds a settled home.

I am pleased to say that all the autumn litters have now found homes, it felt like drawing teeth, and people tell me it’s so hard to find a MT puppy these days! Carol Dunford “

Also from 10 years ago, a list of CC winners (2010)

Ch Calastoa Ruby Tuesday (B) 2 x BOB ,4 x CC
Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Brookstream Flower Fairy at Calastoa.

Ch Churnet Concerto at Menfreya (D) 4 x CC
Ch Newtonian Slim Shady ex Churnet Crescendo.

Egloshayle Black Rosewyn (B) 2 x BOB ,2 x CC
Ch Newtonian Slim Shady ex Quixol Misty Ivy at Egloshayle.

Talanors Tomorrows Dreams (B) 2 x BOB ,2 x CC
Talanors Toptricks ex Amyandas Myleena.

Ch Digelsa Double Entendre (B) 2 x BOB ,2 x CC
Ch Calastoa Star Light ex Digelsa Dynasty.

Digelsa Dionysis (D) 1 x BOB ,2 x CC
Ch Calastoa Star Light ex Digelsa Dynasty.

Ch Digelsa Dream Maker of Wystry (B) 1 x BOB ,2 x CC
Ch Calastoa Star Light ex Digelsa Dynasty

Ch Sophyla Sorcerer of Mansiya (D) 1 x BOB ,2 x CC
Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Sophyla Sable

Talanors Hellova Treat for Sipowitz (D) 2 x CC
Ch Newtonian Slim Shady ex Ch Talanors Trick N Treat

Ch Calastoa Amber Nectar (D) 2 x CC
Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Brookstream Flower Fairy at Calastoa

Brooksteam Blue Lady (B) 1 x BOB ,1 x CC
Brookstream Bowmore ex Brookstream Be My Baby

Gloryline Henry The Seventh (D) 1 x BOB ,1 x CC
Gloryline Tudor Prince ex Gloryline Catherine Aragon

Quixol Pandora (B) 1 x BOB ,1 x CC
Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Quixol Betony

Brookstream Brooklyn (B) 1 x BOB ,1 x CC
Ch Calastoa Star Light ex Brookstream Bellamia

Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks (D) 1 x BOB ,1 x CC
Ch Brookstream Beamish ex Brookstream Becharmed

Quixol Alexander (D) 1 x CC
Ch Brookstream Marcus Banks ex Ch Quixol Betony

Ch Gloryline Sir Thomas More (D) 1 x CC
Ch Brookstream Beamish ex Aireworth Tudor Venture of Gloryline

Browdel Beatrix Potter (B) 1 x CC
Ch Twisel Going Solo ex Churnet Cassandra of Browdel

Extract from Sue Pinkhams notes from 5 years ago, all makes interesting reading …..“ What a busy time our Manchester Terriers (MTs) have had between Christmas and New Year. 

Mark Walshaw’s dog, Talanors Diamonds N'Dreams avec Janmark JW (Barney) was Best of Breed and G1 at two further shows making it three G1s in two weeks.  
This must be a record for our breed. 

Barney’s first G1 was at Colchester and District Canine Society.  His second was at Ashbourne & District Canine Society Open Show where he was also Reserve Best in Show in a very strong Best In Show line up. Barney’s third G1 was at Luton Canine Association Premier Open Show.  To quote Mark ‘Barney showed well in a large, quality Terrier Group only to be beaten by a lovely Tibetan Spaniel in the run-off for the following day’s Best in Show’.

Helen Fletcher’s bitch Joemario Just A Dash (Shimmy) was equally as successful at Leamington Dog Training Club’s Open Rally.  She earned a second place in Level 2 (30 entries) with a score of 206.  This score is classed as ‘Excellent’ in Rally and is Shimmy’s third ‘Excellent’.  This means she now has RL2 EX attached to her kennel name ‘Joemario Just A Dash RL2 EX’.  She has now progressed to level 3.  I think it is a big jump from L2 to L3.  L1 & 2 is on lead, L3 to L6 are off lead.

I am sorry to say that Lexi did not make her Rally debut at this show, hormones got in the way.  

Following a posting by Sharon Hough on Facebook asking if anyone would like to join her for a walk after Christmas, Sharon and Lesley Olbinson’s organised our first 'Manchester Mooch' along Formby Beach (near Liverpool) on Bank Holiday Monday.  There were 17 MTs, and 6 other breeds (Greyhound, Rottweiler, Irish Setter, Papillon, German Spitz and a cross breed). The walk lasted around 1.5 hours in dry and breezy conditions.

Everyone who attended thought it was a great success and want more arranged in the future.  I would have loved to be there, just a bit too far for me. The ‘stirrup cup’ provided by Ann and Chris Harrison at the start of the walk was greatly appreciated. The dogs had a wonderful time, some staying on a lead, others on a long line and many running free without a cross word between them.  Other dog walkers on the beach must have been quite surprised to see this pack of ‘baby Dobermans’ heading for them. 

There is a great selection of photographs on the BMTC Facebook page.  To quote one comment ‘it looks like a fashion parade of coats on the dog walk’. This walk has sparked a lot of interest from other MT owners across the country and worldwide. Lesley has set up a Facebook page for MT owners to discuss and keep each other informed of any planned outings called ‘Manchester Mooching (northern Division)’.   Other divisions can be set up around the UK.

You get warnings about what you should not feed dogs over Christmas but no one had warned me about fish in brine.  Unfortunately Lexi and me found out the hard way.  I gave mine sardines that had been canned in brine on Christmas day. Lexi woofed it down, fortunately Baylee decided not to eat it. First time I had fed them fish in brine never normally buy it because I don't like brine. I won this tin in a raffle at a dog club.   Anyway about 7 hours after eating her dinner Lexi started to vomit and was shaking.  She was one very poorly doggy.  I then discovered my big mistake, the fish must have absorb the salt from the brine and she had salt poisoning.  I spent Christmas night syringing water into her mouth to flush the remaining salt out of her system. If this had not worked the alternative was to go onto a drip.  Fortunately she responded and she is now OK.  Please all note and learn from my mistake.

I had a lovely email from Joan Hobbs. She has owned, showed and judged MTs since the 1960s.  Unfortunately she lost her last MT, Westlab Waterline of Texanger (Connor), just before Christmas after being poorly for a while.  He was 12 years old.  This is the first time she has not had a Manchester in her home for over 50 years.  Her first dog was CH. Texanger Eastknoyle St Simon (1966-1983) who was top dog in the breed for a number of years.  She is already missing not have a MT around so we may be seeing more of Joan ringside when she is searching for her next. Sue Pinkham “

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK