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Manchester Terrier 07/08/2020

So LKA succumbed to the Covid panademic, always thought it would, with it been an indoor show and held at the high profile NEC. Blackpool has also bit the bullet this week, with several cities in the area been put on restrictive practices. Bournemouth, still looks likely to go ahead, dependant on updates from the Government. Guess everyone has their individual thoughts on if to attend these shows or not, but tbh, was getting a bit tedious on Facebook, reading the same thing over and over again. Its Just like going to the shops / beach, you make the personal decision, based on risk, if its for you, go, if not give it a miss. The whole word doesn’t need to know your thoughts. What makes me laugh, is the loudest complainers / biggest opinions, are the ones you rarely see at the shows. Hopefully the BMTC will announce shortly the status of their planned champ show, I am sure they are weighing up all the options, also along with the feasibility of holding the seminar, which falls soon after. Not easy with restrictions back to changing quickly and randomly!

The KC offered advice on getting your dogs used to people wearing masks, if you do intend to show in the coming months, its worth a read. Just last year at WKC many Manchesters were spooked / uncomfortable with the judge wearing his glasses on top of his head, also didn’t help in addition how roughly he handled some.

The FB calendar competitions go from strength to strength, with the MTA reaching excellent viewing and input figures, will be a great calendar, made up from all corners of the globe.

This week the questions fall to one of our younger enthusiasts, Mr Jamie Read (Pye), an avid reader of Our Dogs.

When did you become involved in Manchester Terriers? around 2012/13 How did you become involved with Manchester’s, why Manchester’s? My Auntie had a Dobermann that I loved and so that was it I was set, a Dobermann it was to be. But if I was to be allowed a dog it had to be something smaller and that is when a friend said have you heard of the Manchester Terrier? So, I went along to their agility class and that was it, I had finally found the breed for me. I then attended a couple of the Manchester Terrier shows to get to know the breed and learn more, then I found an upcoming litter and the rest was history. What you enjoy doing with them? We have given a variety of things a go and I have to say the one we found most fun was scent work as it really got Jaxon’s mind working. But then also he likes nothing more than being curled up under a blanket next to me. Do you currently own any Manchester? If so, how many? I am owned by 1 Manchester (Jaxon) and a Whippet (Penny) What has owning a Manchester brought to your life? Before I got Jaxon, I had a lot of issues with mental health and social anxiety. So, I have found by having him by my side he has taken me out of my comfort zone in those areas and has got me through a lot of dark times. Mr Jamie Read (Pye) (Perromono).

Looks like some parts of the country will be basking in very warm weather again this week, so please ensure you act responsibly with your dogs. It is very disturbing watching some ‘people’ dragging their dogs around on red hat pavements, in the blazing sun. If you can get out early, or later when the weather cools, then leave them at home in the cool, one days walking will not harm.

Do we all know what do if a dog has heat stroke? Here is a reminder… For the best chance of survival, dogs suffering from heatstroke urgently need to have their body temperature lowered gradually. Move him/her to a shaded/cool area.  Immediately douse the dog with cool (not cold) water, to avoid shock. If possible, you can also use wet towels or place him/her in the breeze of a fan. Allow the dog to drink small amounts of cool water.  Continue to douse the dog with cool water until his/her breathing starts to settle but never so much that he/she begins to shiver. Once the dog is cool, take him/her to the nearest vet as a matter of urgency.  

This week would have been the lead upto Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show, held at Builth Wells in South Wales. Not the easiest of showgrounds to get to, but a huge favourite with the caravan fraternity. Plenty of areas to visit nearby, both within walking distance and also farther afield in the car. The caravan park is mainly on the flat, however the terraces area are very popular with some and give fantastic views over the town and are a great vantage point for watching the buzzards overhead. The facilities here are pretty good, with plenty of shower and toilet facilities available. The town, never changes, occasionally a shop closes and every year there may be an extra dead fly in the clothes shop window. We usually spend a week there, as it usually follows on nicely from Bournemouth. Plenty of pubs to choose from and takeaways. Walking with the dogs on site is excellent, as the showground is so spacious. As a show, it is usually very enjoyable, it does however at times seem like a couple of shows, with breeds been scheduled at the top of the showground and a fair distance to the rings on the lower level. We have had a spate of bad weather lately on our show days here, so have mainly in recent years, had to be judged in the sheds, which can be noisey, dark and smelly.

Standard Corner : Size: Ideal height at shoulders: dogs: 41cms (16 ins); bitches: 38 cms (15 ins).


I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

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