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Manchester Terrier 01/01/2021

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year Period and didn’t indulge too much and most importantly remained safe, may I take this opportunity to wish you all the best & that everyone’s dreams come true in 2021 and at some stage we can all return to what we considered normality. Let us all be positive and look to the future…. The beating of this virus is hopefully just around the corner!

On a sad note, a lot of our Dog Show friends have sadly left us in the last few months, be it exhibitors and judges. Sad to report that Fred Gadd sadly passed away on the morning of 30 December 2020, he had been a member of the British Manchester Terrier Club for over 25 years and joined the Manchester Terrier Association (proposed) in 2020. Fred had 2 Sophyla Manchester Terriers in the 1990’s including Sophyla Sunshine of Gadkey (born 21 June 1996) bred by Peter and Ella Eva. Fred adored his Manchester’s for their character and substance, he would always smile and cherish his memories when he spoke about them. Fred had been on the Manchester Terrier Judging list prior to obtaining his first Manchester and was passed to award CC’s in the breed in 2006 at Bournemouth Ch Show. Top honours on the day going to Eva’s Sophyla Sable (Bitch CC and BOB), BOS to Fitch and Reeve’s Westwych Calico Cadeau and Best Puppy to Reeve and Hockley’s Mimbre Kazamia at Harkeats. He also judged the Manchester Terrier Happening in 2005 at Ruthin. A gentleman, character and true terrier enthusiast, involved in several other terrier breeds over the years, who will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. Fred was a stalwart around the shows, giving Ccs in several terrier breeds, Vice chairman of WMTS and turning his hand to stewarding at both Open & Championship show level. R.I.P. Fred, you will be missed by many, our thoughts are with Joan and his family at this difficult time. 

Also sad to read that Mick & Gill Oxley have recently lost their young boy Rex (Ch Digelsa Double Top), far too young, it is never easy, but this makes it even more difficult to accept. 

One item I did note, was a person commenting in regards to Breed Specialists, when referring to judges. This is always a good point for debate, as to what constitutes a breed specialist. Some clubs simply state “For aspirant judges who have shown an interest in the breed and have the support of the Club”., this allows a person onto the judging ladder, classed as a Breed Specialist. Requirements do increase as the person goes through the judging journey, ultimately having to have had 7 years judging experience and judged xx amount of dogs. Ultimately if they have obtained a couple of stud book numbers along the way, they can be passed to award CC’s (ALL under the old judging system). Should these people be classed as a breed specialist? Or simply someone who has the breed? To me a breed specialist is someone who has considerable knowledge of a breed, someone who has exhibited x amount of champions, has bred x amount of champions or has judged the breed x amount of times, has had the breed for x amount of time. IMO, I am afraid you do not just become ‘a specialist of a breed’ by owning them !

The new judges system appears fairer to all, with No split been made between judges and all having to complete the same format.

The judges page on the BMTC website (which I guess is due an update) shows 29 breed specialists on the A1 list and 42 others (of which 26 would appear to be terrier specialists). We are still without the Kennel Club updated judges area, which also makes for great reference, hopefully it will be back up and running in January.

As I write these notes today I have been involved in the first KC approved online breed seminar & BAD, with Multi Choice Exam, this was done for Dachshunds. An enjoyable experience, lots of learning from breed experts and an exam all done in the comfort of your own home. Done and dusted in just under 4 hours and no travelling back and forward to a venue the other side on the country. Well done to all concerned, I guess only a matter of time until others follow suit.

Hopefully there will be an announcement soon from the BMTC as to what is planned for the forthcoming shows and the AGM.

Not a lot more to post this week, but feeling a little proud that I managed to hit all the deadlines for the OD issues and at least something printed every issue in these notes.

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

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