Manchester Terrier Association

Manchester Terrier 27/02/2021

Oh what a difference some spring weather and a government announcement makes, especially when it is positive. Hopefully the country can return to some type of normality after 21st June and dog shows, agility, get togethers, etc can all start again, it will hopefully make for a busy Summer, with everything been crammed in. Worryingly I did see that the Windsor Champ show appears to be double booked with the Horse show, hope it is not a casualty, as it is a lovely show and obviously in great surroundings. We will have to watch this space. 

It will be difficult coming back to dog showing for many and I am sure, some will not return to the sport. We will all need to encourage new owners, with puppies with potential to have a go at our pastime. The recently update KC website, which still has some faults, does however contain some excellent info on Dog Showing, for new starters, those wanting to learn and those who already show. Take the time to check it out, makes a very interesting read. ‘New to dog showing’ is the title page and includes articles on what is dog showing, what do I need to know, are there any training classes that I could attend, what levels of dog shows are there, what is a companion show, what are the other types of shows, what breeds can compete, etc. 

As lockdown restrictions ease and the world starts to adjust to a new way of living, it is likely that face masks or coverings will become much more common when out and about, at least for the near future. Many of us may take time to adapt to this new way of life, but it’s important to remember that many of our dogs will also find it difficult to adjust. To help with this, we’ve put together our step by step guide to getting your dog used to people wearing face masks or coverings. Get your dogs used to people wearing face masks by wearing yours around your dog, you may need to do this gradually by first showing it to your dog and breaking the wearing procedure down. When your dog is used to you been masked, then introduce others in the family and ultimately strangers.

I am aware that the Manchester Terrier Assoc is planning lots of exciting items to keep you occupied and learning, be it on the internet or at specifically organised events. Interest around the MTA facebook pages grows, with over 700 people regularly tuning in from around the world. It remains a peaceful page, with everyone respecting each others opinions, as it should be. If you haven’t already applied for membership, drop Gillian Knight a mail and request a form. Watch this space for future meetings, training, gatherings, etc. These will recommence, as soon as is possible, , even if the numbers at the beginning have to be restricted, in accordance with government requirements.

Anyone looking for an interesting piece of memorabilia, there is a painting for sale at Tenants Auctions Leyburn 6th march Lot 1040 1934 Manchester terrier and history, if you fancy spending a few of your well earned pennies.

The continual risk posed by dog theft is quite concerning. In our village alone we have had a couple of bumbled attempts. A young guy also was harassing Jan, with I believe an intention in stealing one of the dogs, luckily she was in a built up area, close to home and the local neighbours came to her assistance when they saw this guy agitating her. She was walking a Bedlington and whippet at the time, guess he would have stayed away if it was the 3 manchesters, as they would have been very vocal towards him.

Keep safe, we are hopefully on the final lap and we all be able to meet up again soon …

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

Mark Walshaw JANMARK