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Manchester Terrier 22/01/2021

The lockdown is proving very hardwork with all the wet cold weather at the moment, it was far easier in the summer months. In the past few weeks we have been snowed in and this week we were flooded in, with all roads un accessible to our village. It makes for hard walking with the dogs, but it doesn’t seem to bother the manchesters much though. 

If we do get out this pandemic in the coming months, it does look as though the summer months will be very busy, with a Champ show been held every week. I for one cant wait and I am now beginning to really miss the freedom of been away in the motorhome. That said we must be saving lots of money by not entering and saving on fuel and entry costs amongst other things.

I do spend a lot of time scrolling through the facebook pages, I find it so therapeutic and at times just gaze in amazement at some of the tosh people come out with. There are so many experts, on every topic known to man. Then there are those, who have the best dog ever produced, but every judge is bent and they just look after their friends, blah, blah.. Its usually the same people, they move from one page to another. I have a rule, type it, read it back twice, if I think ok, then I hit the button’ think others must just type and hit, before engaging brain.

I had the thrill of judging another online show this weekend gone, I thought that the interest might of waned from these by now, but they are still as popular. Over a thousand dogs to go through, which made for some very difficult decisions. Its not easy when you are selecting from one photo, from one angle of a dog, so it is highly dependant on the quality of stack / pose and quality of photo. But I guess that’s the same as any other show, one of the deciding factors is what you as a handler can get from your dog. I have seen good handlers make average dogs look and perform very well and vice versa.

Keep your eye on Pooch Perfect when a friend of mine and someone some of you will know from the Westie ring gets to grips with the dogs this week. Fingers crossed for Mich Dale, hope she does well, she is a cracking groomer. 

Very little news this week, so will make it a quick one, hopefully a little more on the agenda soon…..

Please get in touch and send any info to myself on the breed or dog talk in general, don’t be afraid to mail me with your personal stories, think everyone likes to listen to doggy chat, whilst we remain in these more confining times.

I am readily contactable with your news by any of the following means:

Facebook / Email: / telephone: 01287 652860 / face to face at all Champ shows.

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