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Breeder Information

There are a number of  MT breeders in the UK, ranging from those who breed on a regular basis to those who breed infrequently. 

Details of all breeders who have asked to be on the Breeder Register are given below, using information provided by themselves.  

All breeders on the register consider that the information given is correct, that they operate their kennels in accordance with the MTA  Code Of Ethics, and that they give consent to the MTA to display the information on the MTA Web Site.  

The MTA believes the information given in each entry is accurate although cannot guarantee this.  Prior to reserving or purchasing a puppy, or entering into any form of contract,  potential purchasers should ensure they feel that they have all the information they need, particularly on the health checks of both dams and sires, to make an informed decision.

Any further information required please use