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The Puppy Socialisation Plan 

Until now there was no definitive plan for effectively socialising your puppy, which was resulting in rescue centres seeing increasing numbers of dogs coming to them with behavioural issues that could have been avoided with proper socialisation. In order to counteract this, the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust have jointly devised a socialisation plan for both breeders and new owners to follow as a step-by-step guide - it is called the Puppy Socialisation Plan. Both the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust recommend the Puppy Socialisation Plan as an effective plan for breeders and new owners to prepare their puppies as best they can for life as family pets. It is simple to complete, and can be tailored to suit you and your lifestyle, so it is highly recommended that novice breeders and new owners follow the Plan. 

It is critical that this is done from birth up to 16 weeks of age, otherwise important learning and development phases have passed. The Plan covers everything from getting used to household noises, to getting out and about and meeting new people and other dogs. Therefore, you need to plan and incorporate some extremely important life lessons during the early stages of your puppy's development, so that you end up with a well-balanced and sociable dog.  


You can find The Puppy Socialisation Plan located at - 



Tick a box for each encounter 

































Young children 
















Elderly people 








Disabled people 








Loud, confident people 








Shy, timid people 








People in uniform 








People wearing hats, crash helmets, masks etc. 








People with beards 








People wearing glasses, sunglasses etc. 








Delivery people e.g. postman, milkman, amazon 
































Washing machine/tumble dryer